Student Residence Of Phap Van – Tu Hiep Students Transformed Into Social Housing

The Ministry of Construction has just responded to the Office of Government agreed to the purpose of using the three projects of housing projects for students in Phap Van – Tu Hiep urban area (Hoang Mai, Hanoi) to social housing.

On the subject of acquiring social housing in this project, the Ministry of Construction said that the A2, A3 building moved from residential to a student to state-owned social housing. This fund is available to beneficiaries of housing support policies in the city. The transformation towards the city balanced the capital from the local budget to complete and put into use.

For the house category A4 not yet commenced, it is possible to consider and approve the conversion of the purpose of use to the social apartment for sale, lease or hire purchase of low-income subjects, officials and public employees, officers, etc. in the mode of socialization.

Phap Van - Tu Hiep student dormitory

One corner of the project to build housing for students, students Phap Van – Tu Hiep.

The conversion of the purpose of using items A2, A3, A4 must be reported and approved by the Standing Committee of the National Assembly and the Prime Minister, as the project was approved by the Standing Committee of the National Assembly and the Prime Minister approved the list of investment projects funded by government bonds.

Before that, Ha Noi People’s Committee decided to set up an interdisciplinary inspection team to inspect the implementation process and the current status of the project management house construction for the Phap Van – Tu Hiep students.

According to the Decision No. 357 / QD-UBND, the head of the inspection team is the deputy chief inspector of the city; the deputy head of the inspection team is the deputy director of the Department of Planning and Investment.

Phap Van - Tu Hiep student dormitory

After many years, this project still has many unfinished buildings.

Members of the inspection team are deputy directors of the departments: Construction, Planning – Architecture, Natural Resources and Environment, Education and Training, Deputy Chief of the Office of the City People’s Committee and Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Hoang Mai District.

The inspection team will inspect and review the implementation of housing construction project for Phap Van-Tu Hiep students and students in other local universities; be inspecting the quality of works, checking and evaluating the actual situation of house use management; evaluate the effectiveness of the project.

It is known that the residential area for students Phap Van – Tu Hiep students was put into use in January 2015, to solve the problem of accommodation for thousands of students in universities in the city. The housing area for students and students is built on the budget, on the land area of over 40,000 sqm in Phap Van – Tu Hiep new urban area.

The building has six buildings, with a capacity of 22,000 students. In January 2015, three buildings came into use, accommodating 10,800 students. Each room is approximately 57 sqm wide, equipped with full facilities such as hot water dispenser, rain shower, study table, bunk beds, air conditioning, etc.

Phap Van - Tu Hiep student dormitory

Up to now, the number of students registered in the house is still absent, the house still suckers

e 8 people/room with a rental price of 9.02 USD/ person/month (excluding electricity and water). The construction of the building is of social concern and expectation because of the problem of shortage of accommodation for students in Hanoi has existed for many years.


However, up to now, the number of students to register is still absent, the house still sucker. Of the three buildings put to use, only one building with students to live in, the other two buildings almost quit. In addition, the buildings of the student housing project on the side are still under construction.

The reason many students do not want to move here is that they are far from school and inadequate for travel. There is only one bus pass through the property, and it takes 20-25 minutes to get one. Each room accommodates 8 people, no cooking, no difference in the dormitory, while in the dorm, students are close to the school, convenient to go to school, etc.

According to the Hanoi Department of Construction, the housing project for students of Phap Van – Tu Hiep consists of 6 blocks (symbol A1 to A6) was started in September 2009. The project was set up and deployed in the period of great fluctuation in prices of construction materials leading to the total project investment increased from nearly 66 000 USD to nearly 83 600 USD.

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