The subdivisions of the Swanpark Project in the east Saigon

Swan park has become a boon for the real estate market in the East of Saigon to rise with 3 areas of economy – culture – education. It can be said that Swan Park is a blockbuster of East Saigon in this race.

Ho Chi Minh City is a city with a fast pace, development in all aspects and at the same time is one of the economic pillars of our country in many fields such as industry; The East Saigon area includes district 9; county; Thu Duc district has been assessed and recorded as having more rapid development than other regions. And highlight that special mention is that the Swanpark urban project was born to create a fever real estate in 2017 at the beginning of 2018.

Land area of ​​Saigon East with 2.9 and Thu Duc district

The Saigon East has noted rapid development of transport infrastructure

In this article, we are going to learn about the Swan Park project in Nhon Trach – Dong Nai. One of the most famous products and the biggest craze ever, not only for Saigon East but for Ho Chi Minh City as well.

The feng shui design of the Swan Park

Swan Park urban area is built on square land with the area of ​​more than 946 hectares. The criteria recognized by the project and appreciated by many experts about the feng shui of a project that is the factor of water. Water means blessed; have gas; prey of water; The house was blessed by water.

The architects of the project have understood that design of the Swan Park urban area is the highlight of Swan Lake with the area and scale of the largest in Vietnam right now in central. center of the city. The meaning to help decorate the beauty of the urban area and have the effect of attracting financial resources for the entire urban Swanpark.

Swan Park's eco-friendly villa

The design of the feng shui of Cat Tuong villas

Along with the Swan Lake, the project also has large spillway pools, located in the residential area with the same effect as Swan Lake with water to congregate air and land.

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The Swanpark urban area boasts a spacious area of ​​946 hectares but the density of only 17% makes a difference compared to other projects as well as the comfort of the residents. People in harmony with nature live green. And the special thing to mention is the variety of product types to help customers have a variety of options for their residence.

Swan Park - the leading green city in Nhon Trach

The modern, spacious subdivision of Swan Park

Swan Park has 7 different subdivisions. Each subdivision has its own characteristics of the location, area and number of apartments. The Garden Town Subdivision is open for the first time, providing customers with 710 apartments with five types of housing including 72 commercial townhouses; 340 landscape villas; 216 ecological niche; 5 Phu Quy Villas and 30 Cat Tuong Villas. Each type of design, area of ​​various uses, optimal different should be consistent with the purpose to stay planned for business. Customers can find out, choose the most appropriate product.

The international standard of Swan Park

+ Educational facilities: Currently, Swan Park has 16 kindergartens from national and international standards that have been developed and put into operation with the total area of ​​53 ha. .

Swan Park Project

Swan Park brings fresh green space to all residents

+ 25 hectares of sports amusement park include: swimming pool system; gymnasium sports such as gym; yoya; Dancing with a full range of modern equipment. There are also other clubs such as chess, chess; 18 hole international standard golf course.

+ Entertainment area with commercial center has an area of ​​up to 29 hectares to bring back the moment of rest, fun and joy filled with laughter and an ideal place for shopping enthusiasts.

+ The medical area of ​​8 hectares, including large and small hospital rooms and equipped with the latest medical equipment, the best skilled in the country.

As can be seen, Swan Park is an urban area after the success of Swan Bay Dai Phuoc project in the Dong Nai real estate market. Please contact our hotline today to receive the most detailed information about investment channel number 1!

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