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The suburbs and apartments keep pace in the hcm market

The supply of villas -townhouses

HCMC real estate market in 2017 is still the year of the apartment.End of 2017, looking back on the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City. Although not as strong as 2016. But 2017 is also a very good year for real estate. 2017 is also the year of the trend of moving to the coastal areas with the quality of life in the coastal area has improved.

Savills Vietnam has announced the real estate market in HCM City in 2017. Accordingly, the products in the inner city, especially the front and wide alley (car alley) are the products that receive the most attention.

HCMC real estate market
Benefits from the rental as well as convenience in the need to move, making the center of the city has a stable transaction.

However, the market has recently launched a new type and received much attention from customers. These are built-up townhouses and villas. But in the area of ​​the local area.

“The demand for these products in the suburbs will increase. This will attract more investors to pull out this area. In particular, the completed infrastructure such as District 9, District 2, District 7, or Nha Be will be the focus of the market, “said Nguyen Khanh Duy, Director of the Residential Business Division in Savills Vietnam reviews.

The suburbs also heat up fast to assert themselves

In addition to the street product line has a front and wide alley (car alley) in the inner city. The real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City is receiving a new trend in the coastal area with better quality of life.

“Not just for the sake of getting away from the stuffy, noisy and polluted in the center. Many customers are heading to the outskirts of the city due to the presence of a number of well-planned projects. Modern projects, spacious space with many green areas, lakes, landscaping, park, full facilities, good security, …

General characteristics of this segment is that families with children or families with many generations living together, “Mr. Duy said.

According to the HCMC Market Report for 2017, Savills said. During the year, there were 7 new villas / townhouses in the market. About 590 apartments.

The supply of villas -townhouses
The supply of villas / townhouses in the past year was high. And it is expected to continue to grow this year as demand grows

Specifically, a series of housing projects in districts 2, 9 and Hoa Binh such as Palm Residences, Lucasta, Park Riverside, Melosa, Nine South Estates, Lake View … are now ready to be ready. supply to the market.

The majority of transactions in the past year were from new projects. With new marketing strategy should be quite high efficiency.

From now to 2019, Ho Chi Minh City will receive 14,200 units from 44 new projects.

The Thu Thiem area, with many of the villa projects such as villas are forming. And are considered the “bright star” on the city in the coming time. Because the development of infrastructure, planning in this area is extremely good.

The apartment still holds the upper hand in the market

While the type of housing to sell welcomes a new trend. Then in 2018, is forecast to be the year of the apartment market to buy to stay. At present, there are 18 new projects to be launched. And the next phase of four projects are available for sale, expects the market will receive 8300 more.

Only in the fourth quarter of 2017. HCMC real estate market has received another 5,200 new sales. Pushing total primary stock in the market in all segments hit 42,500 units.

Large supply but no less. Total number of transactions in the last quarter of 2017 reached about 8,800 units. In particular, Class C transactions increased by 10% and Grade B decreased by 35%.

Identify trends in this segment in the future. Mr. Nguyen Khanh Duy said: “With apartments in general, most customers are young families, income from the average good. The major projects for renting and trading are also large. But, the percentage of buyers to stay at the moment is also increasing rapidly.

High-end condominium projects
High-end condominium projects are definitely the top choice for those who have outstanding financial backing

With a price range of VND2-3 billion, subway projects attract many customers. When meeting the practical needs, especially the traffic problems, easy to move to work, stay tuned. In parallel with that, the investment for both internal and external utility. As the scenery, shopping centers, supermarkets, convenience … increasingly large also contribute to help these projects have increased value.

According to Savills Vietnam, besides the rapid growth from the class C segment, high class A still attracts a large number of customers due to low population density. These units have been developed by well-known companies that have established themselves in the market.

“For customers with more financial resources, choosing a home with private living space. Developed by professional units of management and operation is a top concern for them to decide. The projects such as Empire City, City Garden, Thao Dien Gateway, Diamond Island, … are typical for the expectations of hard guests, “said Savills Vietnam.

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The suburbs and apartments keep pace in the hcm market

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