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The success of “forward to the south” strategy of TNR Holdings with The Goldview project

Perspective of the TNR Project TheGold View.

Continuing success with a series of high-end housing projects in Hanoi, TNR Holdings Vietnam (TNR) has begun its “Forward to the South” strategy  with the launch of the TNR GoldView complex located right on Ben Van Don (District 4) – one of the most expensive routes in real estate at present in HCMC.

“Lead soldier” standing among the real estate “giants”

TNR was established in the bustling boom of the real estate market and after the economy recovery after the crisis. At that time, a newcomer like TNR was surrounded by many of experienced giants in the real estate industry as they repeatedly launched large projects that had a big impact on the market.

In that context, TNR led by CEO Pham Thi Van Ha had quickly taken advantage of the “waves” of the market and explored its own way.

Its projects spreading over the prime locations of the capital city of Hanoi such as TNR Goldmark City, TNR Gold Season and TNR Goldsilk Complex were step by step “launched” to the market shortly after make TNR quickly receive certain prestige among high end customer groups.

According to TNR, all projects are named “Gold” because it is based on the golden rule of TNR: Gold Quality – Gold Relax – Gold Care – Gold Future – Gold Commerce – Gold Partner.

Despite its young age, solid values ​​bearing the Gold brand have become a foundation that help the lead soldier TNR to be named in the list of “Top 10 Real Estate Developers in Vietnam” in BCI Awards 2016 – the well-known award for architecture, building in Asia.

Success in the South

Less than a year since its launch, TNR has considered to launch real estate project in Ho Chi Minh City, officially confirming its presence in this promising land.

Of course, a land of economic and cultural center has always been a good “piece of cake” for real estate investors, when each of the most beautiful land has been reserved by real estate giants ages ago.

For a “newcomer” like TNR, getting a land bank strategic enough to persuade homebuyers is the most noticeable thing.

TNR’s first project in the south is TNR GoldView. Originally dedicated to dynamic young customers, the prerequisite of this project is close to the city center, convenient for work and access to social facilities.

Therefore, TNR GoldView is located in Ben Van Don, just by Ben Nghe river away from district 1 with many modern bridges across. Moreover, location in District 4 makes TNR GoldView become   dream within reach of many dynamic young people.

For young customers, they not only pay attention to the architecture of the home when choosing a place to live, but also pay close attention to internal integrated services. Knowing that, TNR’s owner has designed the TNR GoldView project to become into a high-end commercial-service-apartment complex, with shopping center on the ground floor and a fitness center, relaxing ganging gardens on the upper floors.

With these advantages, TNR GoldView was nominated by International Property Awards 2017 as the “Typical apartment project in Vietnam”.

Along with projects beginning with the word “Gold,” TNR GoldView has left its mark in the local and regional markets, contributing to the affirmation of this “brave lead soldier” on the real estate map of Vietnam.

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