Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort Attracts Investment In Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc Resort Real Estate is hot with the project “sea village” class Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort is invested by Sun Group in the South.With attractive financial incentives, this project quickly absorbed large capital flows of investors sophisticated.

The “gold” potential of Phu Quoc resort real estate.

In the first 6 months of 2017, cash flow into real estate increased. The amount of FDI poured into projects even doubled in 2016. The “attract” areas are located in Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc … with luxury products such as condotel, sea villas.

The movement of investment channels in the market in 2017 to this time is in accordance with the “scenario” is forecast early in the year. Bank deposits are less attractive on asset accumulation.Mobilization rates are falling in line with efforts to lower lending rates in the credit market. Gold investment also tends to decrease. Even in times when gold prices rise continuously, the volume of transactions also did not increase. Foreign currency investment is difficult to send money without interest rates that cannot rise more than 5%.

Investing in securities is still the risk, the sensitivity of the stock market is considered unsafe for non-specialized investors when only fluctuation information is the market can “evaporate” in the row thousands of billions.

Sun Premier Village villa Kem Co Beach Resort Phu Quoc

The architectural design is flawless, sophisticated, luxury at the project of Sun Premier Village villa Kem Co Beach Resort Phu Quoc

Real estate, accordingly, is still an attractive investment channel, effective, safe, many people choose. Experts in the field have emphasized the reason for the long-term future of real estate, especially resort real estate, due to the current development of the tourism and leisure industry. Notably, when real estate prospers this year with positive results on the floor, many investors have transferred profits from securities to real estate.

As reported by the State Bank, in Ho Chi Minh City, in the first 6 months of 2017, capital mobilization for real estate has reached $78 billion, up 4,5% compared to the end of 2016. At the same time, the amount of FDI inflows to real estate also doubled old.

Emerging as the gold point investment this year, Phu Quoc market is more exciting on the journey to becoming the special economic zone of Vietnam. At present, the Government is considering special mechanisms and investment incentives at the highest level. In the draft Law on Special Administrative-Economic Units awaiting the National Assembly’s approval, in addition to taxes, fees, land, etc., the policy of real estate ownership, immigration and residence, activities of foreigners and overseas Vietnamese also outperform the regional specialties in many countries.

Sun Premier Village Villas Kem Beach Resort

Modern interiors in the Sun Premier Village Villas Kem Beach Resort.

Economist Le Dang Doanh analyzed, with these open rules, as the middle class rises, incomes continue to rise, and international exchanges increase, further boosting the demand for tourism and resort real estate in Dao Ngoc.

Phu Quoc tourism will soon boom because cannot find a beautiful island can do business around the year as Phu Quoc. The government also allows Phu Quoc to be the only place in Vietnam to exempt visas within 30 days for international visitors flying directly to the island.

Which projects are attracting capital?

Real estate investors have been quick to make room for the promising resort projects on Ngoc Island. Emerging from the middle of this year, the Sirena Sea Villas under the Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort project is currently considered as the most worthwhile investment product in the market.

With the initial capital of $217 thousand, it is possible to own a five-star villa worth $1 million, with a profitability of up to 135% after the commitment period. Leverage for the project is the maximum financial support policy with 0% interest rate on loans up to 70% to buy villas.

Sun Premier Village Villas Kem Beach Resort offers sea views.

Especially, competition is an attractive time-sharing program (timeshare) with a commitment of at least 9% per annum for 15 years. Compared with the risk of the stock, compared to the low profit of gold, foreign currency or savings interest rates (the highest is only 5-5,5% per year). Compared with the promised earnings of real estate in Phuket, Bali (Thailand) or Sentosa (Singapore) now (7% in 2-5 years)… The income and time spent on the “treasure of heaven” are much higher.

Do not worry about the risks, insecure, villas after the purchase is always maintained, well maintained, the owner has leisure time, travel, rest with 225 free vacation funds and Enjoy privileges at Sun Group’s resorts throughout the country.Just preliminary estimates of the value of nights at the top luxury resorts have seen value reach billions

It is noteworthy that the Sun Premier Village Keme Beach Resort is at the heart of a multibillion-dollar resort and entertainment complex created by the Sun Group at Kemping Beach. When the world’s longest cable car crossing the inauguration line next year, the number of visitors come to Phu Quoc will increase. At the same time, with limited construction, the opportunity to own the “sun village” Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort is not for secondary investors, slow pace.

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