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Sunrise City Apartment In District 7

For me, a perfect life is to live in a luxury apartment, a happy family, a lifestyle of successful people. Why must we make money?

In the past, I dreamed of making money to help my family have a better life. But when you have money then you lose, what you used to be an evening meeting with your family at home. In a one-way hike of high-end apartment buildings in District 7, I was visiting the Sunrise City apartment project.

My impression of this apartment is beautiful, is it a serious candidate for my dream? Looks like I’ve seen this apartment on a model’s Facebook. I know many people have dreams like me, and many have the ability to achieve that dream. Especially successful young entrepreneurs, I think this apartment suits them. You are wondering that a hard guy like me to die tired of this apartment.

Sunrise City apartment
Sunrise City apartment overall

Sunrise City apartment is located the extremely special location. It is located on Nguyen Huu Tho Street in District 7. This route is the gateway of the Nam Saigon luxury urban area. The real estate investors called this area to be the center of the center because of the crowds and rapid growth. Residents of Sunrise City District 7 can easily move to the center of District 1, District 2 and Phu My Hung within 5-10 minutes.

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Sunrise City apartments have remarkable utilities compared to the area. Being in Sunrise is the dream of many young families because the utility of this apartment is too great. All the requirements of a high-end life are fulfilled. Sunrise City possesses extremely high-end utilities such as luxurious swimming pool, internal jogging track. Especially, there are golf gymnasium, tennis court, gym, supermarket, shopping mall, spa, game area … Hundreds of high-end utilities make the residents just want to go home so as to enjoy the feeling of “grandeur”.

Sunrise City apartment
Luxury apartment design

In addition, Sunrise City is located in a very crowded location so the utility area of this apartment is also very much. From the project, we only have to move in 1km so as to go to Lotte Mart, RMIT University, Nam Saigon International School, French-Vietnamese Hospital,…

You are a resident of Sunrise City – You have a real class life. Maybe you are thinking of me, I also buy one when having money? But when it comes to design and modeling, the more you desire to own this apartment. Sunrise City is a 5-star international standard apartment. It is designed with only one floor from 4 to 6 apartments. The height of the floor to 3.3 meters, with this height, residents will find their apartment wider and airier. Each block is 31-35 floors high with 2 parking basements. The apartments are designed with high-quality aluminum glass in all faces. This design gives an unmatched view.

The smallest area of Sunrise City currently is 76 sqm located in the Sunrise Central apartment complex with 2 bedrooms. The rest is from area 99 sqm to 130 sqm. The transaction price of Sunrise City project ranged from 27 million / sqm to 40 million /sqm. With a luxury apartment as Sunrise City, this price is acceptable.

Sunrise City
Full facilities system of Sunrise City

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However, with this price, you also have many choices such as Him Lam apartment in District 7, Hoang Anh Thanh Binh apartment. Or further away in District 2 near the Thu Thiem tunnel, there are Lexington apartments, Cantavil apartment, Imperial apartment, apartment Estella … You should orient yourself in which area. District 7 is crowded, or district 2 is quite a fresh environment. Hope many young people have the desire to own high-end apartments such as Sunrise City apartment in District 7.

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Sunrise City Apartment In District 7

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