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Sunshine city project is going to launch

Sunshine City project

Sunshine City – the most worth living urban area in the West of the city, is located at the leading prime location in South Thang Long urban area. It is benefited all advantages from the development of the West of Hanoi as well as ecological space along the Red River.

Sunshine City is officially announced to be located on the prime location of the Red River next to Ciputra urban area. This is also considered as the strategic project, the symbol of the real estate development of the Group.

The project is located right next to Vietinbank tallest financial tower in Hanoi, which is being developed into a new administrative center of Hanoi.

With its location at Vietinbank tower, Sunshine City is expected to attract large numbers of businessmen, financial experts and senior professionals from large corporations. It is completely easy to understand why this is a central developed area in the West of the city where concentrating high income communities.

The project also has more than 40 core utilities providing a unique eco-system for the urban area, creating a peaceful residence in the heart of the dynamic city.

In term of architectural style, it is so impressive from the three gates with Greek architecture, the adjacent areas with neoclassical style of Paris – France.

Meanwhile, six high rise buildings offer New York-style luxury apartments with panoramic views. These buildings will be designed to create light according themes which create its unique beauty.

Possessing a special large scale lighting system, investors of Sunshine City tends to create a “light capital” in the heart of Hanoi at night.

Being consulted and designed to enhance the living art, Sunshine City is also a combination between living space and high-end commercial utilities.

There are more than 40 core utilities including 3,000m2 of with beautiful walkways, four season-swimming pool, gym and yoga room … Especially convenient to enjoy life is the shopping mall, dining area right at the foot of the towers, standard kindergarten up to 1000 m2 and community living area.

In particular, according to the owner’s announcement, Sunshine City has invested in its own utilities that have never presented in high-end real estate projects in Hanoi such as helicopter landing field, aerial walkways among the towers or the infinity pool on the top floor of the block.

The project also inherits the external facilities including golf course, tennis court, international school … available at the adjacent Ciputra.

Representatives from Sunshine Group shared that the idea of ​​the project was from the lifestyle of leading cities of the Europe, America and Australia in Hanoi. It is very lucky to have a prime location to implement this idea in the best way.

Sunshine City will upgrade the standard of living to high-end living art because we understand the needs of the successful community who are seeking the highest quality, peaceful and prosperous life in the capital. With special facilities system such as a helicopter landing field, sky bar or infinity pool on the rooftop, we believe that Sunshine City residents will have a unique experience at the project.”

According to the investor, Sunshine City is in the master plan of Nam Thang Long urban area, North Tu Liem district, Hanoi which includes 6 high-end apartment towers with price from 2.5 billion VND/unit and nearly 100 villas with gold plated furnitures.

Sunshine Group commits to sub lease the apartment with 24% profitability in 3 years.

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