Sunshine City Villa: Beauty Difference Between 5-Star Resort Paradises

In the context of low-rise market is heating up day by day, especially in the most beautiful district of Hanoi such as the area near West Lake, Ciputra and Sunshine City project – located in Ciputra urban area invested by Sunshine Group with urban villas emerging as a brand to win the trust of customers. Whether for living or investing, the billionaire, entrepreneur, highly qualified experts in the field as well as highly educated population cannot miss the project with this prime location.

The Sunshine City $217 billion project consists of two high-rise and low-rise complexes, all within three gates of the Parisian Arc de Triomphe with absolute security control.

If the tower towers show modern beauty, expressing the prosperous, prosperous lifestyle of New York City style, a row of low-rise villas with pure European architecture, stylish pillars, elaborate carvings and fine details. Reminiscent of Paris, it is in the shape of a romantic French city right in the heart of Ha Noi.

Sunshine City project

Super Sunshine City on the Red River comes from the Sunshine Group.

The quintessence of European architecture is one of the key factors contributing to the beauty of Sunshine City – urban and most desirable West Lake. Luxury is reflected in the intricate detail of the design and sophistication of the high-end gold-plated furniture come from well-known brands in the world. The luxury that deserves the true owners, where the mansion is not only a place to “stay”, but also an indicator of successful life and royal.

The unique difference of the Sunshine City mansion is in a garden filled with light, with uninterrupted and uninterrupted internal traffic. With a sustainable design solution, studying the harmony between living spaces and useful commercial services –  The low-rise Sunshine City is a classy and upscale living space with the sound of the world’s top cities such as Paris and Melbourne.

Sunshine City

The classic French-style architecture of the Sunshine City mansion showcases delicate interiors.

In Sunshine City combined with the utility strip nearly 40 five-star categories as: helipad, infinity swimming pool, sky bar, kindergarten, sports center – complex entertainment (gyms, yoga, fitnees, sauna, spa …), trade center, supermarket, restaurant, wine cellar…meet the needs of the upper class.

This is where all the guests can enjoy the convenience of being at one step, shopping at the shopping complex, two steps to the gym, three steps to relaxing space at the infinity pool, stylish sky bar…

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Where homeowners can have a peaceful morning in the garden of art, lunch at the European restaurant, a lively afternoon with fun activities in Central Park, elegant evening around the French Quarter… to feel and enjoy life completely.

Sunshine City project

Sunshine City Villa – French Quarter right in the heart of Hanoi. Delicate from the French Quarter with pure European architecture

At present, Sunshine Group is applying a big incentive program for customers who want to own beautiful villas on: Offering instant interior finishing package worth 23.000$, a five-year managed service package with exclusive services is managed and provided by S-Service, a dedicated service quality assurance unit from Sunshine Group.

On September 23rd, Sunshine Group held the launching ceremony of “Autumn Party” at Sunshine City, Ciputra urban area so that customers have the opportunity to walk in the European-style garden, enjoy wine, barbecue from the chef talent and participate in many exciting activities to experience the difference of Sunshine City.

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