Sunshine Group Marks The Land Of West Lake West

Experiencing many ups and downs of the real estate market but the West Lake real estate has never cooled down. Even in the quiet period, the price of land in this area is still “hot”, up to 15000 – 17000$/sqm.

Every major city has an identically named “rich neighborhood”. For example, to refer to Seoul, South Korea, people will refer to Pyeongchang-dong, home to the richest people in Korea, including politicians, businessmen, artists…And yet America is famous for its million-dollar villas on Beverly Hills, where the name itself has been created for the residents of a particular class.

In Vietnam, when referring to “the richest” in Ha Noi, the name of the first name is certainly somewhere else, it is West Lake West.

“Rich area” – constant values

Creating a living space in the big cities is the trend that real estate investors around the world have chosen for decades. And in order to have the real estate, as well as build a good community, there are two basic elements that cities in the world need to have: Ecological environment and social environment.

Sunshine Group

The ecological environment and the social environment are the two elements that represent the “quantitative” and “qualitative” impacts on the quality of life in the city.

If the ecological environment is formed by green spaces such as trees, parks, vegetation, water surfaces, buildings, service infrastructure. The social environment consists of the quality of services, education, healthcare… that people need in the living space of an urban.

In Hanoi, the urban area “redundant” social environment but lack of ecological space, while the new development area owns green space fortune is not complete utility. The only area that meets these two criteria is the land of West Lake West – Treasures have been noticeable in the upper class since 2008. Until now, when it comes to the rich neighborhood in Ha Noi, people think of the West Lake villas and urban Ciputra.

Big men are present “Rich area” in West Lake West

The moment of “bubble” real estate in 2012, while other projects in the area are plagued with earthquakes due to the phase difference supply and demand, West Lake West became a bright spot when the real estate, here is almost unaffected by the market fluctuations. After more than 10 years of expanding administrative boundaries, transport infrastructure, urban Ha Noi has made great strides, but the advantages of West Lake West from location, infrastructure to space are still regarded as the constant value without any comparable areas.

Sunshine group

Sunshine City and Sunshine Riverside, two projects considered the symbol of the development of the Group, located in the gold land along the West Lake.

However, due to limited land fund, the projects in West Lake West only focus on high-end segment, extremely high liquidity. The prominent names appear in this area can be referred to as “big” Tan Hoang Minh, Sun Group… and “mystery giants” Sunshine Group with two real estate super jointly launched in 2016 shocked markets that are: Sunshine City and Sunshine Riverside.

Officially entered the real estate market in recent years but the Sunshine Group immediately created a subterranean wave of attacks directly into the land of West Lake West along with two projects “terror” is invested carefully from landscape design, architecture and utility.

Situated in the West Lake “rich neighborhood” Sunshine City is equipped with high-end items catering to the needs of the elite such as helipads, high walk between high rise towers, sky bar or infinity pool on the top floor, break the limits of vision, open the landscape and relax space impressive.

With a range of nearly 40 five-star categories combined with a full-service package with privileged services managed and serviced by S-Service, a specialized unit of quality assurance from Sunshine Group, all guests can enjoy the convenience of a modern high class.

Sunshine group

Inheriting the synchronous infrastructure together with the intersection between the former capital of the old capital and the new center to the West, Tay Ho West converges the key element of a high-grade real estate spotlight.

Meanwhile, the “brother” of Sunshine Riverside also impresses with the five-star international standard school built on-site project in addition to services and facilities such as shophouse, restaurant…

In particular, both the Sunshine City and Sunshine Riverside projects have gates that surround the same rigorous security system, 24/7 surveillance cameras create a closed living space, ensure a safe, secure and independent living environment for VIP residents.

The Sunshine Group not only impresses with the daunting investment of two launching projects but also by a series of aggressive sales policies, to attractive prices for Sunshine City and Sunshine Riverside from $100 thousand per unit

With the quality apartment, perfect service is the reasonable price, experts forecast this will be two blockbuster projects with many surprising factors for the real estate market West Lake West.

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