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Suspending series of officers and railroaders

Suspending series of officers and railroaders

The railroads decided to suspend many individuals involved in railroad accidents in Thanh Hoa and Quang Nam.

The Vietnam Railway Corporation (VNPT) has informed about the handling of collective responsibility and individuals involved in the railway traffic accidents occurring in Tinh Gia (Thanh Hoa) and Nui Thanh (Quang Nam)

Accordingly, under the direction of the Minister of Transport, on May 29, the Corporation Corporation held meetings, considering the responsibilities of the collectives and individuals involved.

Suspending series of officers and railroaders
Transport Minister Nguyen Van The inspects the railway accident scene in Quang Nam.

Accordingly, the accidents in Thanh Hoa (24-5) were investigated by police investigating the Tinh Gia district, Thanh Hoa province to prosecute the case and are investigating. The Viet Nam Railway Corporation has directed the relevant departments and units to cooperate closely with Tinh Gia district police during the investigation process.

However, the unit initially determined the cause of the accident was due to the subjective fault of the staff barriers crossroads of Thanh Hoa Railway Joint Stock Company and the fault of the driver of land transport vehicles when not accepting The regulations on traffic safety before crossing the road between the road and railway.

With this incident, the Vietnam Railways Corporation decided to suspend work (from 24-5) for supply Hoang Mai Le Nhan Bao, two guard Pham Van Vui and Nguyen Van Hung to serve investigation and analysis of titles. In particular, two police officers guarding the district of Jingjia have been ordered to detain.

In addition, suspension of work (from 29-5) for the Head of Railway Management Team No. 5 Dao Khanh Thien to serve the investigation. At the same time, two representatives of the Corporation’s capital portfolios at Thanh Hoa Railways Joint Stock Company were asked to review their responsibilities and report to the General Corporation for consideration and decision, including: Chairman Le Minh Tuan and Director Hoang Gia Khanh.

For the Nui Thanh train accident (May 26, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam) between the cargo ship number ASY2 and the train number 2469. The cause of the accident was identified by the staff doing the running The vessel does not comply with the operational procedures.

Specifically, Nui Thanh train station (Nghia Binh Railway Technical Branch) does not clearly and transparently plan train operation at the station for the staff involved. Nui Thanh station operator voluntarily carried out the cutting operation of the N-rail car after 350 locomotives in 2469 while the station was making plans to receive ASY2 via Nui Thanh station; Unpredictable schedule for driving locomotive 350 know.

Locomotive of 350 locomotives in 2469 (Da Nang Locomotive Factory Branch) controls locomotives when there are no boat operators; no forward signal; Control the 350 locator to focus while there is no lead generator.

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Accordingly, suspension of work (from 29-5) for Nui Thanh station Duong Van Minh, suspension of work (from 26-5) to serve the investigation and analysis on the direct Steering Committee Pham Minh Tam, head of Nguyen Van Hai, guards burned south Bui Ngoc Lam.

At the same time, ask the leaders and managers of the branch to review, self-discipline and report the Corporation to consider and decide on the Director of Cao Minh Hy Branch, Deputy Director in charge of safety. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thanh Sang, Head of Technical Safety-Business Planning Department Mr. Ha Van Luu, Deputy Head of Technical and Economic Department Nguyen Tan Dung, Safety Supervisor Huynh Ba Hat.

For the Branch of Da Nang Factory, suspension work to serve the investigation for Mr. Duong Tran Chi Hieu and assistant driver Nguyen Van Cong. Request the leaders and managers of the branch to review, self-discipline and report to the Corporation to consider and decide for Mr. Truong Van An, Branch Director, Deputy Director in charge of safety Le Xuan Linh, Head of Security and Defense Department, Tran Nhat Chung, Manager of Operation Workshop Nguyen Xuan Quang, Captain of the steering group 3 Phan Tien Sy.

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Suspending series of officers and railroaders

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