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Swan Bay Swan City- the most modern urban area in Nhon Trach

Taekwang Jeongsan 18 hole

Swan Flying Swan City is a modern urban area with airy living space, away from the noise of the city vibrant and crowded and bring comfort to their owners.

Before choosing to buy, stay in a house or Swan Bay villa, the first thing the landlord is interested in is the location of the project where? How about the surroundings? What is the linking capacity? The location of the plot influences the life of the landlord. This is the decisive factor for prosperity, luck for homeowners.

The location of the feng shui of Swan Bay

 East Asians have the concept in feng shui standard “most myopic, nhi nhang, tam hien”. Real estate projects attracting a large number of customers often have riverfronts, many ionizers help purify, create fresh air, airy, good for the health of residents in the downtown area, a The place is always noisy, pollution.

Customers now have the criteria for their residence quite strict. City center locations are less selective. Buyers choose for their villas where there is quiet, airy, isolated. In the current Dong Nai real estate market, there are Swan Bay and Swan Park projects of Swan City. These two projects become the focus of attention as well as the priority of every employer.

General contractor for construction, quality assurance of Swan Bay project
The location of the feng shui of Swan Bay

Swan Bay project has a high fidelity with 4 sides, surrounded by the Saigon River and Dong Nai River.

Swan Bay project is a resort ecological resort, scale up to 200ha and coordinates on the island of Dai Phuoc – Nhon Trach – Dong Nai. This urban area is adjacent to District 2 and District 9 of Ho Chi Minh City with important transport routes such as Highway 51 connecting National Highway 1A with Vung Tau City; Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway; Expressway Ben Luc – Long Thanh; Long Thanh International Airport.

In the future, when the third ring road through District 9’s bridge is completed, the travel time from Ho Chi Minh City to Swan Bay will be shortened to 20-25 minutes. It also contributes to increase the value of Swan Bay in the future.

The unique, modern design

Swan Bay Villas, which are being developed on more than 30.5 hectares of land, will provide 396 villas with diversified products such as: riverside residence; Riverside villa; Landscape villas; Duplex villa; Townhouses designed in accordance with modern standards of architecture to ensure the lifestyle of classy.

Villa at Swan Bay Dai Phuoc project
Swan Bay Twinning Villa Nhon Trach

Swan Bay Villas are designed and blended with oriental architecture and Western lines. In addition, the villas at the project are designed to optimize the living space, create harmony with nature, delicate space to live more luxurious and polite. Swan Bay also cleverly combines with natural materials to blend in with 65% of the green space outside the project.

5- star resort standard system

 Swan Bay is equipped with a modern and convenient 5-star infrastructure system to meet the needs of the residents such as: Children’s playground; pool; landscaping ponds; landscape lakes; restaurant; coffee shop; tennis course; football pitch; marina; BBQ outdoor picnic; river park and 18-hole international standard Taekwang Jeongsan golf course … All this is to provide a comfortable, modern, fully equipped and luxurious resort for Swan Bay residents.

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Taekwang Jeongsan 18 hole
Taekwang Jeongsan 18 hole international standard

Thanks to the above elements of the project Swan Bay urban area promises to be a perfect eco-island resort for all customers to meet the needs of the landscape; Living; rested; entertainment for current and future residents.

Besides the Swan Bay project in Dong Nai, customers can now find out more about Swan Park in Dai Phuoc. For more information on these two projects, please contact our hotline today.

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