The Swan Park project brings the innovative, sustainable vision after planning

Swan Park Dong Nai has been developed in accordance with the planning, criteria to promote the green growth of the knowledge economy. At the same time, it aims to bring about a new standard of living, studying, working and entertaining.

The formation of green, intelligent cities in Vietnam

In large cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, population growth has increased, while urban planning as well as the development of transport infrastructure have been unable to catch up, thus contributing to the quality life of people in major cities affected. Air pollution; noise pollution; lack of sanitation and safety … are now the thorny issues affecting people’s lives.

Green Corridor - new trend of new real estate projects

Green Corridor – new trend of new real estate projects

Future centers for human-centered, soft and hard infrastructure planning need a harmonious combination of prosperity and quality of life. This planning should have a creative vision, reduce the impact of the environment as it grows closer to society, thereby accelerating human interaction in education issues.

In the central area of ​​Dong Nai province, the most prominent part of the area is the Swan Bay and the Swan Park project with the area of ​​941.5 ha. It is a city that develops science and technology world-class and is associated with ecotourism resort. The development objective of SwanPark is aimed at reducing the pressure on population, infrastructure and environment for the center of Ho Chi Minh City.

Swan Park – the norm of the future city

 Swan Park urban area is planned for green value, smart technology as the core. The city’s structure is designed with the core CBD core and two commercial growth axes; entertainment and a green belt.

 The central core of the project is the trade gateway in such areas as: finance – economics – culture – services of SwanPark.

 The Green Belt is formed from the landscape of diverse living environment with lakes, lush green parks and natural ecosystems. Average green per capita of the project is about 30sqm / person. With this data can be seen as the largest urban planning in Vietnam. This green belt creates a clean living environment, minimizing the level of noise pollution, greenhouse effect.

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 Swan Park is the only place in Vietnam that has a central park of up to 29 hectares and a planned lake of 22 hectares. Green-centered planning creates a green public space for each resident.

In addition, the project has 53 hectares for education and 7.8 hectares for health; 25 hectares for the community sports area. This is the largest urban area today when compared to the model urban areas in Vietnam.

The transport infrastructure provides some advantages for Swan Park residents

The transport infrastructure provides some advantages for Swan Park residents

Intelligent transportation system with the total area of ​​197.7 ha has been synchronously planned, creating the most scientific linkage. The transport system of the project is characterized by the following roads: belt 3; Road 25B; line 25C; Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway; Expressway Ben Luc – Long Thanh; metro line 3; Long Thanh International Airport;

 Swan Park Nhon Trach was developed by SwanCity – a global brand for the development of high-end real estate projects, satellite towns with a scale of 1,000ha. SwanCity’s projects are planned for a smart urban area in the future to help connect and integrate technology and infrastructure for sustainable development. SwanCity has been present in many countries around the world such as: Indonesia; Malaysia; Singapore; China, etc. Currently, it is expanding and developing in many other countries in the world.

SwanCity comes to Vietnam thanks to the success of the Swan Bay project, a leading international resort resort located at Dai Phuoc Island in the East of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh. It is sure that when completed and put into use, Swan Park will be a future city with the planning to meet the needs of “living, studying, working and entertaining” of each resident.

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