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Swanpark –the urban area has the sustainable value to invest

Swan Park's eco-friendly villa

When you become a resident of Swan Park urban area will find the spiritual value, the absolute relaxation minutes.

The Swan Park project owner has equipped the community space, open design and especially the perfect outdoor utility line for residents of the Swan Park project in Dai Phuoc, including:

Highest value alive thanks to the perfect service chain of Swan Bay Dong Nai
Utility chain of services, there are 1 – 0 – 2 of Swan Park Investor Codes for residents



Green Camp

Artistic garden

Children’s play area

Outdoor sports area

Open-air BBQ area

Scenic landscape

Playground for children

Grass to relax

Picnic area


Creative Corner

Retail store

Four Seasons Park

Tropical Park

Highest Life Values ​​Only Available at Swan Park

The SwanPark urban center with community center will bring a new standard living value chain to help meet the needs of shopping; cuisine; value; to exercise health for all residents within the zone and create a development environment for all residents.

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In addition to the internal facilities are equipped by the owner, the utility outside the area has also been appreciated by SwanPark customers and investors because it is easy to move to the main sites such as:

+ To Long Thanh International Airport only 15km

+ Access to the University of the North 350ha: 4.5km

+ University of South 350ha: 5.5km

+ Scorpion Vang ecological area

+ Nhon Trach District Administrative Center: 0.8km

Swan Park brings prosperity, worth investing

The Swan Bay eco-urban area is located at the main artery. Among them are commercial townhouses which are highly rated, multifunctional design combined with business and ideal space to stay. Commercial home-improvement products are specialized; have high profitability; it is popular with many customers.

Commercial townhouses are designed with a land area of ​​7.2m x 21m, the area when completed for use is 248.90sqm (excluding the floor).

Besides, it is a landscape villa with impressive architectural features, architectural design with a highlight of the surrounding garden. Each of these houses is an impressive architectural emblem. From the main doors of all villas are arranged and designed with a view over the surrounding environment, close to nature living green. This architectural style is consistent with dynamic lifestyle, modern style is popular with many people.

The villa has a land area of ​​6.3m x 17m and an area of ​​123.30sqm.

Along with the landscape villas, the SwanPark East Saigon New City project also includes ecological villas with multiple windows and balconies, which help to fully enjoy the view, the sun and the natural wind. Highlights, harmony of architecture. The rooms in this villa block are reasonably arranged, bringing convenience to homeowners, promoting the air circulation. This product is suitable for those who prefer open, natural-friendly life.

Swan Park's eco-friendly villa
Swan Park’s eco-friendly villa

Ecological villa has a land area of ​​6.3m x 17m and when completed will have an area of ​​145.30sqm.

In addition to the above types of products, customers of the project Swan Park can choose for themselves the richest florist architecture in terms of both feng shui. With this type of villa, the boundary between nature and living space will be blurred, all will be merged in the smallest. In feng shui, the product is designed in combination with interior level contribute to bring wealth to help the life of the owner more prosperous. This product is the perfect choice for those who love elegant, elegant.

The villa has a land area of ​​9.3m x 19.4m and area used: 185.17sqm.

A good product to customers, the choice to invest it is the sand villa – where the value of living honor. This is the symbol of the perfect project for the project SwanPark combined with external space, high-end interior. Surrounding the project is the fresh green nature; orchards and small landscape are harmoniously combined to create a sense of calm, bring home and peace to the landlord. This type of place is the place to honor the value of comfortable life, level, elevated peace of mind.

This villa has a construction area of ​​11.8m X 19.8m; and Area of ​​use: 214.90sqm.

All of the above projects, along with their location, utility lines are available to residents, can be sure that the Swan Park project is worth the investment. If you are looking for a new product to invest , you can find out more about Swan Bay Dai Phuoc and Swan Park.

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