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Talking with people who have land recovered

Talking with people who have land recovered

“The leaders of the city always say that what is good for the people do, but the case where people have land recovered in the project is suffering miserable,” delegate Huynh Quoc Cuong, District 4 exclaimed. at the group discussion in the HCMC People’s Council session on July 28.

Mr. Cuong gives a concrete example: People in District 2 are discharged to run in District 9, the next release, less compensation, life uncertain and unstable. “Exposure to these people that tears. Specialized agencies should be responsible for recommending TP when developing resettlement compensation schemes for people whose land is being recovered, “Cuong said.

The delegate also information, there are many cases of complaints lasted until the leaders of the city to solve the problem. As a result, the number of people complaining about registering to meet leaders of the city is increasing. Mr. Cuong suggested, authorities should apply policies beneficial to the people to reduce complaints.

Suggesting another issue is that buying voluntary health insurance, Cuong also said that there are many things that make people very troublesome. For example, his family, Cuong said, his wife wanted to buy voluntary health insurance, he and his two children also have to buy.

“Only my wife wants to buy insurance, and my two children must buy and sell my wife. It’s kind of weird! “, Cuong said.

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In this regard, deputy Huynh Cong Hung also added that the sale of voluntary health insurance is now being given to commune officials for advice and selling to the people. However, many officials do not have the expertise so they do not explain it to the people. Hung needs to have a professional advisory not only selling insurance but also propaganda and counseling for new people.

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