Tan Binh Tower Project: Residents fin investors to claim the house

On March 11, many households have bundled their banners surrounding the investor of the Tan Binh Tower project to claim the house after having bought the house for 3 years but have not been handed over, being promised many times by the project owner.

According to many residents, not only hand over the schedule committed, investors Tan Binh Tower (Tan Binh District, HCM) also “anchor” the amount of support 5 million per month / contract to the people due to delayed handover.

Residents fin investors to claim the house

Residents fin investors to claim the house

One customer said that her family bought this project in February 2015. The owner has estimated that the house will be handed over 6 to 7 times, but residents still have not received the house. Home buyers in the project are mainly low-income people, have to pay rent outside the month and look forward to the opportunity to live. But the owner time and time again not hand over the house, even challenge residents to sue.

Truong Tri, a buyer of this project, said she had bought an apartment for this project since October 2015. Up to now it has accounted for 95% of the value of the apartment (including raw and interior finishing). According to the contract signed, in June 2016 the investor will hand over the apartment. Until nearly 3 years, the investor still does not hand over the apartment as promised and continue to promise to 4/2018 new home delivery.

After the encroachment of the residents, the investor of this project sent the customer an official letter No. 367 notice for many reasons to delay the delivery time to April 15, 2018.

Tan Binh Tower was formerly a commercial housing project but then the investor has transformed the capacity of 88 commercial apartments into 168 houses in society and so enjoy the privilege in the package VND30,000 billion. One of the reasons for the slow homeownership is that the project has some mistakes.

The project was funded by the Home Affairs Committee of the City Party Committee. HCM has requested the Party Committee of Party Committee of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City to direct the inspection and handling of signs of cover and legalize violations at the project. Recently, the city People’s Committee. HCM has sent the Inspectorate to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the project to clarify the related complaints.

Meanwhile, according to the inspection results of 6/2016 of the Inspectorate of the Department of Construction, this project was approved only 14 floors, but the investor has a block floor, roof to build two floors, an increase of 28 apartments with total area increased to nearly 2,000 sqm.

The Construction Department has issued a decision to suspend the construction and requested the dismantlement of the whole violation, requesting the investor to pay the fine and correct the mistake. However, the investor does not comply, continue to execute. The inspectorate of the Department of Construction must issue a decision to enforce the violation, and at the same time request the project to “cut the tops” of two 17th and 18th floors illegally built.

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