Tan Hoang Minh Pioneers LIMO Apartment Near West Lake

In 2016, D’. Capitale marked the transition of Tan Hoang Minh from the only a few hundred of senior projects to more than 3000 projects with client network expansion, currently, Tan Hoang Minh Front continues to break the limit the projects which are for the high class, and affirms the pioneer position with Limo apartment type for the youth.

“The revolution” named Tan Hoang Minh

No one can think that one day, just a few thousand USD can be owned an apartment of Tan Hoang Minh. Everyone knows Tan Hoang Minh is always famous with the projects associated with the letter D which are located in the “golden land”, exquisitely designed, sophisticatedly completed, with the average price of 230000-320000 USD/unit, and they are only for the upper class.

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At present, with about 23000 USD, the client can own D’. El Dorado apartment having beautiful views or the projects developed by Corporation in the prime location of the capital such as D’. Capitale in the intersection of Tran Duy Hung and Khuat Duy Tien. And according to Mr. Do Anh Dung – Chairman & General Director of Tan Hoang Minh, it is “a revolution”, from just focusing on the luxury and expensive property segment, Hoang Minh Front started to turn into the housing segment with the senior quality and affordable price.

Limo apartment

Project D ‘. Le Pont D’or by Hoang Cau Lake was put into operation

However, how Tan Hoang Minh retains the quality and reduces the sale price? Mr. Dung said the problem is in the “thinking of the investor”. Previously, Tan Hoang Minh developed luxury real estate with the large area apartments, senior and refined furniture in order to demonstrate the wealth of the owner. Now, it is still this location and this high-end class, but the apartments are designed smaller. In addition to the super apartment with the wide area such as Vinhomes D’. Palais Louis and D’. Le Roi Solei project, there will also have the new projects such as D’. Capitale or D’. El Dorado with the area of 30 sqm or 50 sqm designed 2 bedrooms. Therefore, now, it is not only upstream but also singles, young families or entrepreneurs who completely can own the luxurious apartments of Tan Hoang Minh.

Affirming pioneering position with Limo apartment

Taking inspiration from the civilized lifestyle of Europe with the small apartments and full of gadgets and clever interior layout, along with slogan “Little – Modern”, Tan Hoang Minh Group “created” Limo apartment type to pioneer the great civilized lifestyle creation for the young today.

Limo apartment

D’Capitale on Tran Duy Hung Street opens the new segment of Tan Hoang Minh Group

According to the standard of European-American countries, the standard of living the future of young is independence to create a private life with the small apartments but still ensure the space to show the level and private style of each owner. Therefore, in the first D’. El Dorado senior apartment with Limo apartment type, Tan Hoang Minh resolved to create a class project of Tan Hoang Minh brand and driven to the main objective is young, independent, modern, dynamic, good income clients who like the comfort, convenience, and affordable price.

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Situated in a prime location near West Lake, D’. El Dorado consists of 2 towers: D’. El Dorado 1 and D’. El Dorado 2. The two towers are created as powerful wings towards the West Lake to catch the blend of nature. On these “wings”, it carries the young’s dream: the family, the stable work, the simple lifestyle, filled health and the moments to enjoy a happy life.

Limo apartment

Project Perspective D ‘. El Dorado

D’. El Dorado 1 directs to the clients preferred privacy or peaceful and gently space, then D’. El Dorado 2 again takes the owners a dynamic and young living space. The apartments of D’. El Dorado has the reasonable areas from 30-120 sqm, in which the apartments have the small areas of 30-50 sqm accounting for 65.2% of the total number of apartments in the D’. El Dorado 1 and 38.94% number of apartments at the D’. El Dorado 2. The apartments are exquisite design, saving the maximum area in the small space but it is still used function optimization which make the smallest apartment having the balcony and creating the generosity for living space. The residents of D’. El Dorado will enjoy a life with full utilities such as swimming pool, gym, restaurant, clubs… In particular, the owners of the apartments can use D ‘. El Dorado for any personal purposes, from living, renting, doing personal rooms, studio… If used to back rent, the owner of the apartments will get completely 100% of revenue.

It can be said with D’. El Dorado project, Tan Hoang Minh Group continues to become the pioneering unit taking a new lifestyle and bringing the young more choices for the future life.

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