Tan Hoang Minh Pioneers With LiMo Apartments On The West Lake

As in 2016, D ’. Capitale marked the transition of Tan Hoang Minh from high-end projects with the number of just a few hundred apartments into the project of more than 3,000 apartments, the customer expanded, now D ‘. El Dorado continues to break the boundaries of high-end projects. Instead, this is the type of Limo apartment for young people.

Inspired by the European civilization style with small apartments with full facilities and smart interior, Tan Hoang Minh Group “launches” the type of apartment LIMO confirmed the first class This is a great way to create a great civilized lifestyle for today’s youth.

D'.El Dorado project

Project overview of D’.El Dorado

According to the standards of European and American countries, the future standard of youth is independent of the family to establish their own life with small but still secure space to express their own level and substance for each owner. Therefore, first launched the high-end apartment D ‘. El Dorado with the type of apartment Limo, Tan Hoang Minh is determined to create a project with a brand name Tan Hoang Minh and aimed at the main customers are young, modern, independent, dynamic and collected, good, smart, but affordable.

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Conveniently located in a prime location by West Lake, D ‘. El Dorado consists of two towers: D ‘. El Dorado 1 and D ‘. El Dorado 2. Two towers were built like strong wings towards the large West Lake to pick up the natural essence and peaceful heaven and earth. On the “wings” of the aspirations of young people: a home of their own, a stable career and promotion, streamlined lifestyle, full health and every minute of life enjoyment.

Limo apartment

In the same space, the owner can transform his apartment into a living room or bedroom depending on the needs of the day.

If D ‘. El Dorado 1 is aimed at customers who prefer privacy, prefer peaceful space, then D ‘. El Dorado 2 gives the owner of living space dynamic, youthful. The apartments at D ‘. El Dorado has a reasonable area of ​​30 – 120 sqm, in which the small area of ​​30 – 50 sqm occupies 65.2% of the total number of apartments in court D ‘. El Dorado 1 and 38.94% of total court apartments in D ‘. El Dorado 2.

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The apartments are delicately designed, saving maximum space in small space but still optimize the use of every centimeter, making even the smallest apartment has balcony or slit. , creating space for living space. Residents D ‘. El Dorado will be able to enjoy a full level of living, while the daily needs of the residents will be fulfilled at the doorstep, such as swimming pool, gym, restaurant, club … The owners of the apartments are entitled to use D ‘. El Dorado for any personal purpose, from living, sublet, personal office, studio … If it is used for lease, the owner of the apartment will receive absolutely 100% of revenue.

Limo apartment

Limo apartments are designed as both a living room and bedroom with folding bed wall

It can be said, with project D ‘. El Dorado Group, Tan Hoang Minh Group has once again become a pioneer in creating a new lifestyle and giving young people more choices to affirm their bravery and dreaming of life.

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