Temperature-resistant for the house effectively with these 10 simple tips

The hot weather is raging many areas in the country, especially in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Let Realestatevietnam find ways to dispel the heat of your home through the simple tips below.

The first way: Always pull the curtains in the morning and noon

According to the latest scientific study, up to 30% of unwanted heat comes from the windows of the house. Therefore, the easiest way to protect your home is to always pull down the blinds, and note that you should choose bright shades to prevent light from entering the room, preventing heat retention. With this little trick, you can save 7% on your electricity bill and keep the indoor temperature low.

The second way: Opening the door in the afternoon, evening

In the evening you should not close the windows in the house

In the evening you should not close the windows in the house

In the evening, you should take advantage of the natural wind to help the air in the room is best circulated. So do not always close the door well, make sure the air can circulate by opening the door opposite each other. This not only helps to remove the natural breeze, but also helps the air in the room to have more oxygen and reduce the sense of sultry.

The third way: Turn off unused electrical appliances

It’s not just the power saving issue, but the heat generated by electrical appliances and home appliances will add up to a few degrees Celsius to your house.

To do this well, your family should focus on living in a room instead of spreading out across rooms as always. In addition, schedule cooking, clean up the science to avoid having to overheat the kitchen, causing unnecessary mystery.

The fourth way: Tips with a small fan

You do not have to turn on the air conditioner to get the cold out in the room, but you can use a simple trick with ice and a fan.

Leave ice cubes in a bowl and place in front of a fan. The vapors will then blow up throughout the room to help cool down very well. If you have trouble taming, you can also make a blowing fan for yourself with a foam box.

The fifth way: Avoid hot materials

In the summer, you should choose pads made of cooler material

In the summer, you should choose pads made of cooler material

Summer comes when you have to say goodbye to the cushion, bed sheets made of hot materials. However, if you still want to stay on smooth cushions, choosing the right material is very important. In all types of spring cushions are suitable for use in the summer, followed by buffers made of natural fibers are pressed higher than cotton padding and sponges, rubber.

Be aware that changing bed sheets regularly will also make you feel better when it is hot. If the dirt for a long time will make the air difficult to circulate.

The sixth way: Do not forget to cool the body

Instead of concentrating on cooling the room, you can also focus on cooling your body.

Some simple measures are to wear cool clothing, use a cold towel cover on hot areas such as the neck, inside the elbow, drink cool water cooling such as lemon ice, orange juice, water ginseng

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The seventh way: Do not forget the ventilator

This is essential because the ventilator helps rid the hot air from cooking or after you shower outside your home.

Ideally, create a ventilation from the bottom up. So open the window next to the roof, at the loft and window on the stairs. Hot air will rise up, and cold air will sink to cool your home.

The eight way to protect your house: Grow more trees around the house

Should plant more trees in the house to dispel the summer heat

Should plant more trees in the house to dispel the summer heat

Placing more green plants in the house, or designing a truss line outside the balcony would have a huge effect on reducing the indoor temperature. Trees also help prevent dust and air filters, making you feel better during hot days.

The ninth way: Replace incandescent lamps with compact lamps

Incandescent bulbs also emit a very large amount of heat, this energy is completely wasted. Therefore, do not hesitate to replace these incandescent bulbs with conpact fluorescent lamps. Not only helps reduce the temperature in your home, but it also helps reduce your electricity bill every month.

The tenth way: Insulate the roof

For all types of townhouses, because there is usually only one facade, all three sides of the sun so that the heat of the home mainly from the roof. This can be done by adding additional false ceilings with plaster-resistant heat-resistant, insulating foam bags. In addition, you can also get affordable home repair services insulate the PU insulation to the roof to reduce costs.

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