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Terrace – a Green Garden For Your Apartment

It must be a great experience for anyone who has a bit of an artist soul, who loves living in harmony with nature. And luxury apartments with terraces give you exciting experiences.

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Terrace concept

A lot of people think the terrace is a high-end design, like Penthouse, Lofthouse. But in essence, this understanding is not exactly correct.

According to Ms. Thanh Nga, real estate consultant of, who has many years of experience in the profession, a terrace is not an apartment design, it is a garden on the high.

 An interesting gadget is added in the high-end apartments to bring a more airy space and closer to nature. There are many penthouses or lofthouses that are designed to add such a terrace (terrace) in high-end apartment projects. “Only apartments on the upper floors (usually from the 16th floor and above) will be able to design more terraces,” Ms.Nga said.

Terrace - a green garden for your apartment
The River City project (District 7) with its unique architecture is the first high-end apartment project in Vietnam with apartments with terrace.

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Great things that terrace gives you

– There is a garden that is still high above the fresh air.

– Beautiful vision, covering vast space and beautiful surroundings.

– Spacious garden, cool eyes make you no longer feel heavy when living in a crowded urban area with buildings close together.

– Create more space for your family, for reunion dinner in the small garden.

– Give you great experiences every early morning or late afternoon, and even late at night to sit and watch, talk or meditate on life.

You can also practice yoga or gym in this fresh courtyard early in the morning.

Do you dream of such a living space? Find yourself a peaceful “corner of the courtyard and sky”, where you can immerse yourself in nature, be able to put aside the worries of life to enjoy peace and family reunion space.

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