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Thai Duong Company officially opened the sale of the project land subdivision Thai Duong Luxury residential area of more than 4000m² including ball court, villa, beautiful frame for stroll and entertainment, asphalt road from 6m -20m, built freely.

One of the great advantages of Luxury can not be overlooked is that it is located in the middle of the area with high infrastructure and socio-economic development. According to the development orientation, the area will be the center of the busiest economic administration in the region. Because there are many routes passing through such as Nguyen Duy Trinh, Belt 3, Belt 2, close to the high-tech district 9. This promises to make Luxury a vibrant residential development. Both industry and service and pushed the value of real estate much higher.

Outstanding values ​​in the project Luxury Thai Duong:

  • Extremely secure living environment, close to the new administrative center of District 9.
  • The price of Luxury is just shock 11.5 million / m2, just 287 million is able to own beautiful land area of ​​4 × 14m.
  • At Luxury you will move to the center quite convenient thanks to the main route as Nguyen Duy Trinh, beltway 3, beltway 3, new Long Thanh.

Project Legal: The book has been redundant and has fulfilled its obligations such as payment of land use fees.

Pick up the opportunity when the project near the new administrative center, gold land invested by GS, high-tech parks are under construction.

Property name: Thai Duong Luxury

Property type: Land project

Investor: Thai Duong Ltd.

Location: Nguyen Duy Trinh Street, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City

Land area: 4093 sqm

No.of Unit: 500

Unit size: 50-100sqm


  • administrative center
  • hospital
  • school
  • multi-purpose sports area
  • high-tech zone
  • contiguous to ring road 2, belt 3
  • Long Thanh high speed 

Legal ownership: Certificate of land use rights

Price: 11 million/sqm



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