Thanh Ha pottery village- a unique tourist location

With its 500-year history, Thanh Ha pottery village, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province has attracted a lot of visitors by its fine ceramic products.

Thanh Ha pottery village – The product is a time

Originating from the Thanh Hoa area, Thanh Ha pottery village was formed in the late 15th century and was strongly developed along with Hoi An town ports. Thanh Ha pottery is made from clay raw materials, by the hands of skilled craftsmen and traditional techniques of the village are handed down from all over the world.

Thanh Ha pottery village

Thanh Ha pottery village – famous tourist place in Hoi An

Thanh Ha pottery village was established in the late 15th century and developed stronger with the port of Hoi An in the next century. The main products here are directly serving the daily life of people such as: bowls, bowls, jars, vases, vases, bowls, etc. Each product has many styles. Different shapes, colors, shapes, are very rich and especially lighter than other similar products of other localities.

Up to now, this traditional pottery village still exists and operates handicraft production with traditional means and techniques. Therefore, the Thanh Ha pottery village has become a living museum, a valuable source of information for travelers who are passionate about exploring tourism as well as for scientists to study and research. Traditional pottery of Vietnam.

History of formation and development of THanh Ha pottery village

Legend has it that, from the 16th to the 17th centuries, craftsmen from Nghe An, Thanh Hoa started to come to Thanh Ha to set up villages, create pottery and handed down their children to this day.

Under the Nguyen Dynasty, Thanh Ha pottery village was prosperous and developed. Thanh Ha pottery products have been honored in the books of Dai Nam most of the Nguyen Dynasty. Few people know that Thanh Ha potters used to supply roof tiles, floor tiles to old houses in Hoi An and other nearby areas.

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Pottery with a long history

Experiencing many ups and downs, Thanh Ha pottery village at times seemed to fall into oblivion. However, with the enthusiasm of some artisans, this traditional craft is slowly being restored. From skillful hands and skillful craftsmen in the village. Products made from earthenware such as lime bottles, wine bottles, warmers, bowls, jars, jars, and animals close to the daily life of the people also from the oven.

Where is Thanh Ha pottery village now?

At present, Thanh Ha pottery village is located right next to Thu Bon river, in Cam Ha commune, Hoi An town, Quang Nam province. Located about 2km west of the Old Quarter.

Visit the village, in addition to the power to choose for themselves ceramic souvenir products, visitors also witnessed the extremely skilled manipulation from the hands of talented artists in this village.

Choose your own pottery souvenirs

Choose your own pottery souvenirs

The village now has 23 households producing pottery with more than 100 workers. Every year this place produces about 400,000 products. According to a longtime artisan here, it is said that the main ingredient for pottery is clay, people in the village have to go to Dien Ban district to buy it for 200,000 dong / boat. Then bring home the annealed soil to keep the moisture. Before creating the products to be stuffed, hit the land and then begin to mold.

To produce exquisite products, also need to require fine soil. That requires a very elaborate process of filtering the soil 2-3 times to remove the impurities. Once the product has been molded, it must be exposed to sunlight for at least one day and then cooled to create patterns, patterns or can be painted on the product. And finally, put into the kiln within 24 hours.

Currently, the oldest and best artisan in the village is Ms. Nguyen Thi Duoc (85 years old). Ms. started to work at the age of 13, Thanh Ha village today, through the generations to the next generation were all her students.

Pottery with a long tradition is handed down through generations

Pottery with a long tradition is handed down through generations

Thanh Ha is also an attractive tourist destination on the way to Hoi An – World Cultural Heritage. Coming to Thanh Ha pottery village, visitors not only visit, learn specific steps of production but also be able to buy the product that you like with relatively soft price.

Especially, visitors are guided by the artisans themselves to be able to create their own products imagination. Therefore, Thanh Ha pottery village is increasingly attracting a large number of tourists to visit.

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