Thanh Xuan Real Estate increased its attractiveness thanks to the project of paving the way

Imperia Garden commercial villas have the potential to increase real estate value by the unique position in the area with improved transport infrastructure.

The real estate market of Thanh Xuan district has been becoming the focus of Hanoi’s investors thanks to its central location as well as the system of transportation infrastructure and social facilities. The attraction as well as the value of real estate projects in the region is increasing before the plan to expand key routes such as Vu Trong Phung and Nguyen Tuan.

Real estate in Thanh Xuan district

Real estate in Thanh Xuan district

In particular, the project to expand Vu Trong Phung Street has started to be implemented and expected completion in the next year. According to the design, the road from Nguyen Huy Tuong to Nguyen Trai street will have a total length of 434m will expand the road up to 20m and the sidewalk on both sides of the road to 9m. The project has a total investment of 366 billion from the city budget.

Previously, the Standing Committee of the City Council. Hanoi also agreed in principle to invest in rehabilitation and expansion projects according to the plan of Nguyen Tuan street district budget.

Currently, the first phase of the project from Le Van Luong to Ngu Kon Nhu as Kon Tum has been expanded and Thanh Xuan district will continue to expand the Nguyen Tuan road from Ngu Kon as Kon Tum to Nguyen Trai road to the time Implementation time is expected from Q3 / 2018. In addition, the People’s Committee of Thanh Xuan district has submitted to the People’s Councils for investment under the planning of the two roads Le Van Thiem and Ngu Kon as Kon Tum.

With a series of transport infrastructure projects have been implemented, the appearance of real estate market in Thanh Xuan district also changed rapidly. Investors are still looking for ways to have land development projects in the area being increasingly preferred by home buyers thanks to a full infrastructure system. In addition, housing projects in the county benefit greatly from the renovation and expansion of the roads, as they can easily be moved to the city center and the surrounding area.

According to CBRE consulting, upgraded transport infrastructure not only contributes to the traffic congestion but also increases the value of real estate in the region. Because of the benefits of paving the way for real estate, the value of real estate is likely to increase before the road plan is announced.

After the road has been upgraded or expanded, the property has increased its appeal to both investors and buyers for convenience. Villa Imperia Garden is no exception.

The Imperia Garden villa

Imperia Garden Commercial Villa (203 Nguyen Huy Tuong) is increasing in value.

Thanh Xuan district began to expand Vu Trong Phung and plans to expand Nguyen Tuan Street has contributed to the circulation of housing projects on both sides of the road to the main roads such as Nguyen Trai and Le Van Salary is more open.

Real estate projects in the region also increase the appeal of buyers. In particular, commercial villa projects such as Imperia Garden will increase the value of rental and business.

Imperia Garden Villas are real estate such as ‘diamond mine’ for commercial business because it is the only villa project in the capital of Hanoi designed as a model for both living and business. renting office space, restaurant, spa, beauty center, training center … in the style of the shopping street style Milan.

Imperia Garden commercial villas are also located at the intersection of main arterial roads such as Khuat Duy Tien, Le Van Luong and Nguyen Trai and can be reached by car from various traffic directions such as from the road Nguyen Tuan Street, Nguyen Huy Tuong Street, Lane 90 and Lane 102 of Khuat Duy Tien Street.

As a result, Imperia Garden commercial villas are not only accessible to large potential buyers in high-end apartments and office buildings for rent. Thanks to convenient transportation.

In addition, Imperia Garden commercial villas have more advantages than individual villas or townhouses in the inner city, with spacious basements and internal roads in front of which to park.

Thus, the expansion of Vu Trong Phung and Nguyen Tuan streets not only makes thousands of households in the area “overjoyed” but investors also can not ignore the potential value of real estate. and the commercial value of Imperia Garden commercial villas.

According to the information from the investor, during this time, when buying the Villa Shop Imperia Garden customers will enjoy the preferences: Early discount up to 1.5 billion, support loans up to 80% GTBT with interest 0% and 12-month exemption, free early repayment. At the same time will have the opportunity to draw lucky possession Milan trip for two people.

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