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The About To Deliver Apartment Conquer The Buyer

Summer Square project

Construction progress and quality are considered to be the leading factors that directly influence buyers’ decision.

Choose wisely

95% of the projects being offered on the market are new at the stage of the foundation. However, after many bumps in some of the future housing projects, home buyers tend to be more cautious, no longer dominated by prices, but instead look at the reputation of an investor to put their faith in.

In this context, apartment projects have been completed and are about to be handed over at reasonable prices quickly become the priority for customers with pressing needs for housing. This is true of the psychology of the East, buy the house must “see and touch themselves” to peace their mind and verify the actual quality. Accordingly, every commitment of the owner will be reflected in the evaluation and decision will be the most accurate. This is also the reason why the projects that are about to hand over often attract a lot of customers hunting.

Summer Square project
The project has been topped off on April 14 and the owner committed to hand over in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Mrs. Ngoc Anh (resident of District 6) said: “Since my wife and I are working in District 6, we have learned a lot. The mid-range project is here. However, most of them have to wait 2-3 years to hand over the house so we do not like it very much.

So, we agreed to buy two-bedroom apartments at the Summer Square project (because this project has been finished and will be handed over in the fourth quarter of 2017) to both save the cost of renting and to live in a comfortable apartment. More importantly, we do not have to worry, waiting for the progress and quality of the project”.

Payment of 45% – immediately receive house

Summer Square offers a variety of flexible financial solutions for young people to own. Specifically, the buyer only needs to pay 10% of the purchase contract with the investor and only pay up to 45% (about 600 million) to receive the transfer of completed apartment. The remaining money, customers only need to pay multiple times after settlement.

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Summer Square project
Children’s Park at Summer Square

To provide maximum support to customers, Gotec Land cooperated with Vietinbank to create 70% loan in 20 years with a preferential interest rate. So, even though the project is about to take over, the payment method of Summer Square is still very competitive compared to the housing project formed in the future. This is suitable for families with an urgent need for housing and families with limited capital accumulation.

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