The Advantages Of Buying A Home Is Near The Park

Recent studies show that living near the park or where many trees are green, our health is much better than elsewhere. Therefore, real estate near the park is usually priced higher than other areas from 10-20%.

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Living near the park, what are you?

People living near the park less than one kilometer will reduce the risk of depression and anxiety compared to those living in crowded places. Specifically, a 31% reduction in the incidence of anxiety, a 7% reduction in stress-inducing activities, a 50% increase in creativity. Especially, when living near the park, residents will have a positive and relaxed mood when participating in outdoor activities, helping to improve health and improve the quality of their living environment.

In Vietnam, the area of green trees in the city is decreasing to less than 1m2 / person, much lower than the norm of an urban area of 7 – 9msqm / person. The choice of residential place with many trees, cool space, near the park is one of the priority factors.

Advantage when buying a home near a park

Neighborhoods near the park are always of higher value

Not only does it help increase health, homeownership also brings high economic returns to owners and is often priced higher than other areas. So that the townspeople in large cities do not regret investment money from the tens to hundreds of millions of dollars.

In New York, homes near the park cost 25% more than other properties, and in the United States, homes near the park often add value to the home from $ 34,000. In Vietnam, housing near the park is often more interested customers and has the potential to increase prices by 10-20% higher than other areas.

The advantages of buying a home near the park

Helps you to reduce stress and improve your mood

When living near the park, you just have to spend some time walking around the park to help you relax, relieve anxiety, fatigue of life, harmony with nature, grass The tree is wonderful and refreshing.

Advantage when buying a home near a park

Living near the park helps to reduce stress and improve mood

If you are lovers of green and explore the park is the best place for you to do this. It’s great that you own a house near the park right? At the same time, you can enjoy the fresh air and feel relax whenever you like simply step over the park.

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Helps you have a healthier body

Japanese researchers have found that walking around the park helps your body reduce your stress levels by 12% and lower your body’s stress levels and nervous system by 7%.

According to this study, walking in the park also helps you reduce your heart rate by 5% and 1% of your blood pressure. The more time you spend enjoying nature, the better and more balanced your body is, and this is good for both your mental and physical health. What to wait instead of buying yourself a house near the park to be in harmony with nature every day.

Advantage when buying a home near a park

Living near the park keeps you energized

Helps you sleep better

If you are constantly having trouble sleeping or sleeping, walking in the park is a very simple and effective solution. In the journal Biopsychosocial Medicine published in 2011, a study by Japanese scientists found that walking habits in a natural green space help to improve sleep, helping you sleep more deeply and sleep better.

For the most relaxing effect, researchers advise readers to take a walk or jog at the park in the afternoons or evenings after the workout – preferably after dinner, instead of early morning as usual. for many of us.

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