The Alpha Hill apartment project will welcome the wave of investment in district 1 HCMC

Located in the heart of District 1, Alpha Hill apartment is a leading high-end project invested by Alpha King Group. Designers have brought this apartment project in Asia-Europe combined style, both classical and romantic style. Give customers the impression and the attention, attract customers from the first design lines.

Combined with the design unit is the leading group in Asia is DPA from Singapore. To create a product that is both impressive and separate. It still retains the inherent architecture and characteristics of Saigon. A product that is well-invested in quality, architecture, landscaping and utility will be released in the near future called Alpha City.

the transformational flats at Alpha Hill

Designed by a unit from Singapore in a modern style. But still retain the impressive features and characteristics of old Saigon

The apartment at Alpha Hill will be the home of all families happy as having a rest after the chaos of a busy day. A peaceful living space and harmonious with the clear tone of nature.

To harmonize the East Asian culture inherent in Vietnam and modern architecture. The owner of Alpha King has assembled a team of leading experts in architecture, design, monitoring and management to create the project of rminhf. Alpha Hill apartments will provide a warm home for all families with the design and quality of life within the apartment.

Easy connectivity thanks to a complete transport infrastructure

Alpha Hill apartment in district 1, right name has said the location is extremely favorable location of the project. Located at the intersection 87 Cong Quynh – Nguyen Cu Trinh, District 1. Located in the heart of the city named Uncle. Where projects can develop at the moment only counted at the fingertips. Owning such a land fund also confirms the ambition and potential that owner Anpha King is creating in Ho Chi Minh City.

From the location of the Alpha Hill apartment will come with easy access to the city’s arterial traffic and public transport system. Looking across is the western Bui Vien – the busiest street in Saigon. The hottest entertainment destination, always the favorite destination of Saigon youth over time.

Alpha Hill apartment

Alpha City is a prominent project that attracts attention in the heart of District 1. It is invested by foreign investors with strong potential

Not to mention, from the Alpha Hill apartment, residents can easily connect across extremely fast and convenient neighborhoods. It only takes 5-7 minutes to get to District 3, via District 4, to District 5, to Binh Thanh ….

If you choose to stay long at Alpha Hill apartments in District 1, you do not have to worry about the quality of life, utility around the area, the ability to connect traffic. Or simply the problem of working life, study of each member of the family will be guaranteed the best.

Modern and smart gadgets are the market leader

Previously, the Alpha City project with two Alpha King projects, One Alpha Riverside District One and Alpha Town, received the “Best Green Project” award at the 2018 Vietnam Property Awards.

In terms of utility, the 8-storey commercial podium offers the Alpha City project numerous modern amenities. Also a place to attract many visitors shopping, can come as: Restaurants, Cafés, Cinemas, shopping areas of famous brands, Gym, Spa, Sauna, …

The product is very enthusiastic and is expected by Alpha King. Alpha City is well-positioned to offer superior facilities compared to other projects in the area including skybar, pool, reading library, gym, modern spa, …

With Alpha Hill, the occupants can be assured of the smartness of the sensors used by the owner

With Alpha Hill, the occupants can be assured of the smartness of the sensors used by the owner

In terms of design, the Alpha City project will be built on a land area of ​​8,202sqm, comprising two 49-floor apartment blocks, including:

The 8-storey Alpha Mall is designed to be inspired by Saigon’s street art and architecture. This is the first project in HCM City that owns smart utilities.

Bring in the 5-star level from the utility system to the quality of the apartments. Alpha King has built Alpha City to provide customers with modern, high-end products; For the upper life in the center of Saigon.

Unique design overview from the Alpha Hill apartment project

Unique design overview from the Alpha Hill apartment project

It can be identified Alpha City is the project convergence of many outstanding advantages in all aspects, meeting the standards of modern life and class. This will be the most expected project of customers in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City.

The Alpha Hill apartment complex will be located on floors 9 to 49, designed to be the first and only smart technology apartment in Vietnam. Intelligence inside the project will bring out the advantages, help a lot of things for residents living inside the apartment. From the security system, fire alarm, … are the concerns of many residents in the apartment project.

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