The Art Gia Hoa Apartment

The Art apartment is the heart of Gia Hoa investor, The Art Gia Hoa apartment District 9 will be your precious gift for the family. This article shares our perspective on The Art Gia Hoa District 9, hoping to help you decide where you want to live.

The Art apartment is located in the heart of the most desirable residential area.

Gia Hoa residential area District 9 is a high-class residential area that has been established since 2006. When you come to Gia Hoa residential area you will have to say “too clean, too cool, too quiet, too civilized”. It is difficult to have any words to describe the peaceful scene, intermingled with the interiors of the trees are the mini villas, the creaking melancholy in the evening, the cool breeze from the river. Gia Hoa residential area is truly one of the most desirable places in Ho Chi Minh City.

Stay at The Art Apartment in the future, you will enjoy the feeling of living in such ideal space. With a great living environment, you have given away the most valuable gift to your family as a resident of The Art Gia Hoa.

Living in The Art Gia Hoa apartment connected quickly to the city center

To get to The Art apartment, you will move to Do Xuan Hop Street, District 9. This is a bordering route between District 9 and District 2 connecting to Nguyen Duy Trinh Street in District 2. District 9 It may seem far, but the reality is that your travel time to central districts is amazing.

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The Art Gia Hoa Apartment

The master plan of The Art Gia Hoa project

In 2014, the city has put into operation two key routes: Vanh Dai Trong and Ho Chi Minh Highway – Dau Giay. Thanks to the two adjacent streets of The Art Apartment, you will only spend 17 minutes to get to Phu My Hung District 7 via Phu My Bridge. If you go to work or play in the center of District 1, District 2, Binh Thanh is quicker, only 5 minutes to Ho Chi Minh City – Dau Giay Highway to Thu Thiem tunnel to District 1 or Binh Thanh.

The Art Apartment => Do Xuan Hop => Vanh Dai Trong  => Phu My Bridge => Phu My Hung: Travel time 17 minutes.

The Art Apartment => Do Xuan Hop => Highway => District 2: 5 minutes => Thu Thiem Tunnel => District 1: Travel time 12 minutes.

The Art Apartment => Do Xuan Hop => Vanh Dai Trong => Hi-Tech Zone: Travel time 7 minutes.

The Art Apartment has the highest level of utility within a 10km radius

With more than 3 hectares, The Art apartment is planned to be 10 blocks of apartments from 18 floors. The construction density of The Art is only 30%, Gia Hoa investors devote their heart to build a chain of utilities to create a community of high-quality living.

The Art apartment is also known as Tri Thuc Tre apartment. Gia Hoa Investor focuses on the facilities youths need for a sedentary lifestyle.

When you come to The Art Gia Hoa, you will see the sports center of up to 2.3ha with 4 tennis courts, badminton and children’s playground. The park is also home to the outdoor activities of the residents of The Art apartment such as a fitness walk or BBQ party with family. Next to the large park, you will also enjoy the feeling of relaxation while dropping yourself in the cool waters of the 1150sqm pool.

The Art Gia Hoa Apartment

The Art of Gia Hoa is conveniently located for traffic

In addition, The Art apartment also has seven floors commercial center with full services such as shopping, entertainment, SPA, hair salon, food court, coffee for 24/24. Surely, your apartment in The Art Project will be the place you want to come home from after a hard day’s work.

The biggest highlight when you come to the project apartment The Art is not the utilities but the development orientation of the resident community at The Art of Gia Hoa investor.

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The Art project is divided into 4 zones named 4 famous artists and musicians in the world are Beethoven, Mozart, Leonardo Da Vinci and Picasso. At the same time, in The Art, there are also two statues: a sculptor living the life of Trinh Cong Son and the poet Bui Giang.

The Art apartment design emphasizes sophistication

The Art Gia Hoa Apartment

Luxurious, delicate apartment design

Not only are the apartments are designed with sophisticated furniture, luxury The Art also pays attention to the sophistication. With an area of only 55sqm – 70sqm, the architects have shown the sophistication not only in the decoration space of layout but also in the subtle way of taking sunlight and the connection to outer space.

Things to keep in mind when buying The Art apartment:

+ The Art apartment is just started construction.

+ Do Xuan Hop road is being upgraded so it is dusty and muddy when it rains

+ At the expected price of USD $ 770 is quite cheap compared to the side projects such as Flora Anh Dao and The Eastern.

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