The attraction of duplex apartment near the ancient town

With the trend of collecting unique apartments from the rich, duplex penthouse with unlimited vision and its inherent scarcity, has long been a special attraction.

The tough and transparent glass system offers invaluable visibility for the duplexes of the Sun Grand City Ancora Residence.

New outpost of luxury

The appearance of penthouse apartments right after the appearance has been likened to the new luxury apartment. It was born to meet the strict requirements, meticulous living space the rich New York.

Real estate has long assumed duplex penthouse is the pinnacle of architecture, a world apart, not for crowds, absolute privacy and possesses unlimited vision even in the middle of the city. .

Bedroom space with direct view of the Red River.

Bedroom space with direct view of the Red River.

Luxury real estate investors always consider penthouse value so. At the Milken Global Real Estate Conference, billionaire Eyal Ofer asserted that penthouse duplex (flats on two floors) is a rare commodity and even more precious than gold.

Christ Conn, the CEO of Christie’s Real Estate, unveiled a unique property collection club with more than 1,800 members who are billionaires around the world. He also emphasized the trend of collecting rare real estate is forming on the real estate real estate.

Penthouse duplex has more potential, especially in prestigious locations such as the city center or adjacent to the ancient town.

Attractive duplex apartment near the old town

Sun Grand City’s duplex apartment Ancora Residence is a prime example. That said, by reference in all respects, these duplexes have a one-to-two value.

Referring to the Sun City Grand Ancora Residence, vision is the first gold factor. It must be emphasized right away that, in luxury real estate, visibility is a million dollar asset. Duplex bases with direct views of natural rivers and lakes are always of higher value. Duplex Ancora Residence offers panoramic views and views of the Red River.

Bathroom space at Duplex apartments of Sun Grand City Ancora Residence.

Bathroom space at Duplex apartments of Sun Grand City Ancora Residence.

Most importantly, vision also confirms and enhances the owner of duplex apartments. Because, with the limitation of the urban land fund as well as the strict regulations of urban planning, the vision of the other class of Sun Grand City Ancora Residence is certainly rare, if not to say there is no two in Hanoi center.

Located at the prime location of 3 Luong Yen, the duplex apartments of Sun Grand City Ancora Residence add value. This location also means, Sun Grand City Ancora Residence is less than 3 km from Hoan Kiem Lake, close to the old town. This criterion alone is enough to see the throne of the superior duplex. That is not to say, this location is extremely convenient in trade, moving.

The living room is elegant and class.

The living room is elegant and class.

Of course, the pride of duplex Sun City Apartments Ancora Residence is also in the open space for homeowners enjoy high-end lifestyle. Not to mention, the entire space is used by super-transparent, super-transparent glass to maximize natural light as well as give the unique vision to every location of the villa on the floor.

And so, the owner will enjoy high affluence, prosperity in the space wide open heart of Hanoi. There will be moments of the ultimate experience with regal living room, cozy dining room, luxurious bedroom, dressing room, creative room fly, luxurious space … And great For lack of outdoor entertainment space between floors not like family BBQ, books, meditation, yoga …

Trendy dressing room.

Trendy dressing room.

More specifically, Sun Grand City Ancora Residence will always have experienced and professional interior consultants to realize the dream of “personalizing” the living space of the owner so that the owner is proud and Pride in every angle.

Of course, living on duplex penthouse, homeowners will have the same privileges. It’s absolute privacy, A-class service with a butler, private elevator and the most luxurious amenities.

Duplex apartments of Sun Grand City Ancora Residence are rare and will surely be hunted.

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