The Attraction Of Thao Dien Apartment Project In District 2 From Location

Located next to Masteri An Phu and Thao Dien Gateway, the 32-storey Q2 Thao Dien complex is coming to investors. Again, the project has stirred up the East market in general and District 2, in particular, became hotter.

Compared with the brothers in the area, the position Thao Dien in District 2 also has many outstanding advantages. This is considered one of the big projects in Thao Dien area.

What does the position of Thao Dien project in District 2 have outstanding?

The Thao Dien project (formerly known as Glenwood Maison Thao Dien or Frasers) in District 2 was developed by G Homes Housing Development (a member of Frasers Centrepoint Group) and An Duong Thao Dien. Located in front of Vo Truong Toan Street, Thao Dien Ward, District 2 – next to Gateway Thao Dien and Master An Phu Apartments, District 2 Thao Dien inherited the surrounding facilities available and synchronous planning.

Favorable location, high-class, green living space, the prestigious investor is one of the factors attracting the attention of investors at home and abroad. You can imagine the exact location of the project that will be next to Gateway Thao Dien and Master An Phu, as well as other popular projects such as The Nassim, Master Thao Dien about 3 minutes to move. Because of its close proximity to a number of well-known buildings, Thao Dien and a number of other projects have turned Thao Dien into an attractive destination for real estate.

Q2 Thao Dien Apartment Project

Location of Thao Dien project adjacent to Thao Dien Gateway and Master An Phu

4 things make the value of Thao Dien project:

Firstly, just like Master An Phu, Q2 Thao Dien project connects directly to the city’s traffic system at An Phu station (Terminal 7), people take only 7 minutes to move into the center of District 1 and other surrounding counties. The East Saigon real estate located near the metro line is likely to increase prices by 10-20%. However, this is not a big plus of the project as compared to Masteri Thao Dien, Thao Dien and Master An Phu are far Metro stations. However, Rever said that it is still possible to rank Thao Dien project on top of the metro route.

Moving plan from Thao Dien project, residents only take about:

  • 15 minutes to move to District 1, Thu Thiem Urban
  • 30 minutes to move to District 7, Tan Son Nhat Airport
  • 45 minutes to Bien Hoa
  • 30 minutes to Binh Duong
  • 1 hour 15 minutes to Vung Tau
  • 1 hour 30 minutes to Dau Giay

Secondly, Thao Dien is located 250 meters from Saigon River, suitable for families looking for a comfortable living space close to nature. Especially, the project is located between the natural green of Thao Dien residential area so the vision is always wide. From Thao Dien apartment, residents can see the whole city bustle at any time of the day. For people with romantic soul and enjoy watching unlimited things,  Thao Dien apartment District 2 is really an ideal living space.

Q2 Thao Dien Apartment Project

The facilities around Q2 Thao Dien

Third, Thao Dien Ward is one of the areas where many foreigners live. Formed a multi-identity community. Around the area is a series of medium to high-end real estate projects, creating a potential urban population in the future.

Fourth, Thao Dien owns extraneous utility facilities. Located in Thao Dien area, which has been very active, fully integrated services in the area such as shopping center, the international hospital, international school, modern amusement park … to meet the increasing living needs of residents.

See the list of apartments for sale in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City: Apartment for sale in District 2 Ho chi Minh city

Comparing  Thao Dien and Masteri An Phu

Located next to Thao Dien Investment’s strategic project Masteri An Phu, however,  Thao Dien is aiming for a completely different customer base. Master An Phu is built in the model of ordinary apartments, from 1-3 bedrooms with full utility. With the expected price from VND 38 million / sqm, suitable investment for rent. In contrast,  Thao Dien is more focused on apartment design, living space with 40 modern facilities in the area, this project target customers are high-income customers, comfortable place, and design class.

Q2 Thao Dien Apartment Project

Comparing prices for Thao Dien, Master An Phu projects, and neighboring projects

One of the big plus points from the location of  Thao Dien is the river view. Buying  Thao Dien apartment, customers will own real estate river view true. From Ha Noi Highway, Q2 Thao Dien is located behind Masteri An Phu Project, enjoying spectacular views of Saigon River and Thanh Da Peninsula. There is a small minus point in exchange for the An Phu Masteri covering 50% of the Hanoi Highway view of this project. In addition,  Thao Dien is the only project in the area that owns many types of real estate from commercial apartments, high-grade apartments, townhouses, villas … offers many opportunities for customers.

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