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The Beauty Of Bedroom Furniture Brings  Asian Culture

Bedroom furniture is bold Oriental

Although Western culture has been imported into our country for a long time now, many families still prefer bedroom furniture in East style.

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Oriental style bedroom furniture is now the interference of many cultures, not merely traditional East Asia but also influenced by modern architecture. If you have bought a nice house but have not fixed the design style then this will be a good choice.

Basic features of bedroom furniture in Oriental style

– Quiet and tranquil: The main materials in this stylish bedroom design are wood, very courteous colors, mostly neutral colors that bring in close spaces, classic direction and also no less luxurious. The light used is usually light yellow to give a warm feeling. This feature is said to originate from the perspective of living in harmony with the nature of the East as we can easily see if visiting their home.

Bedroom furniture is bold Oriental
Oriental bedroom furniture style is very popular material comes from nature with neutral colors, harmony

– The layout of simple and scientific furniture: Not only in bedroom decoration but in all other dimensions, the way of East Asian furniture is also very simple. They mostly use only the really essential items. Therefore, although built on the small area, living space is still spacious and comfortable.

– Sophisticated, meticulous to detail: Beside the simplicity, the bedroom furniture is beautiful Asian style also scored by small decorative wood carvings elaborate, the painting with lines Smoothly polished or ceramic pots are arranged cleverly in space.

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Some bedroom designs are designed in Asian style

And if you still can not figure out how Oriental style bedroom furniture looks like, then let Mogi refer to some of the designs below!

This is an example of a Japanese-style bedroom that is most prominently displayed through a sliding door frame. Low bed, strong colors with two yellow lamps hanging on both sides creates a peaceful atmosphere for space. In addition, the highlight of this room also includes a bunch of tree branches in the corner, along with the wrong small carbon pots and pots are arranged neatly on the table.

Bedroom furniture is bold Oriental
Example of a bedroom in Japanese style

The bedroom is in Japanese style, but the details are more compact thanks to the interesting combination of modern interior design.

Bedroom furniture is bold Oriental
Bedroom furniture in a beautiful Japanese style

This is the interior space of the bedroom in Chinese style, also characterized by wood furniture and neatly arranged furnishings but a new feel thanks to the ceiling lamp with the same color tone with the whole room. Also, the presence of wood paintings on the wall, lions and small wine on the table contributed to the bedroom of the owner more luxurious and noble.

Bedroom furniture is bold Oriental
Bedroom furniture in Chinese style

Although the life is increasingly modern and developed, with the characteristics cannot be mixed, bedroom furniture Oriental style still occupy a firm foothold in the field of interior design.

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