The Beauty Of House Is Less Than 15 Sqm

No need for a few hundred square meters of space, you can still own spacious living space thanks to the small design house.

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With the current situation, buying a beautiful house is a problem, but how to design beautiful home is more complicated because the space is too limited, sometimes limited to a few square meters. If you are also headache because of the beautiful house of your family, please Mogi-m with reference to the beautiful house below!

Small house less than 15sqm become the dream of many people

The mezzanine style appeared in the United States around the twentieth century and has rapidly spread throughout the world, including Vietnam. The characteristic of this beautiful small house in this style is the ceiling is built higher to lay mezzanine. Although not a two-story house, this beautiful structure still has stairs to climb up the stairs.

Here is a beautiful little house designed by ILYA architects Derkach. It’s less than 15sqm but it will definitely make you dizzy because of the space-wise and logical arrangement.

Downstairs is the space of living room, dining room, kitchen and toilet. The mezzanine above the beautiful home is arranged into a bedroom to ensure privacy for the home.

Small house is less than 15m2

The most comprehensive view of the beautiful house is less than 15m2

From the downstairs, you will see the living room and dining room are arranged in a beautiful house space, in which the living room is decorated with a set of blue sofa neatly arranged in a corner, The compact dining table is located right next to the window and below the TV shelf. This arrangement makes the small house still has an empty space, creating a cool feeling and illusion of space for people.

Small house is less than 15m2

The living room and dining room are full but occupy only a small area of the house

The house has very large windows in the living room, the main door is made of tempered glass instead of wood. Thanks to that our beautiful little house is always full of light.

Small house is less than 15m2

Large sun loungers enter the room

This is the kitchen and toilet area of the small beautiful. They are located next to each other and are located just below the mezzanine. It can be seen that despite the small area, the homeowners still ensure the most basic equipment of the house such as stove, sink, cupboard, even left a small place to put decorative plants for the beautiful house interior. Looking at the inside corner, we could easily see the washing machine neatly placed in the closet, in the same toilet.

Small house is less than 15m2

Spatial kitchen and toilet area full of beautiful small home

Bedrooms are located on the mezzanine. There is also a small room to help the host have a place to put the little things. The bedroom has a very large wooden door, and on the door, there are countless small slits that help light easily pass through.

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Small house is less than 15m2

Bedrooms and closets are located close together on the mezzanine

Arrange a set of chandeliers to the next room, the space of the house is beautiful again become perfect.

Small house is less than 15m2

The beauty of the house is less than 15sqm

Refer to the interior design of small homes, your family home can also become a dream home like this, what are you waiting for?

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