The Benefits Of Privileged Location – Lavida Plus District 7 Project

Lavida Plus Nguyen Huu tho District 7 project owns the prime location.

Only a few days, Lavida Plus project will officially be launched. Therefore, the super project is the most attractive of Southern Saigon starting to choose owner. With the favorable geographical position, it is sure that Lavida Plus will create a new craze in the Southern market of Ho Chi Minh City in 2017.

With the lucrative investment opportunities and the world-class potential of Lavida Plus, you should start to learn the project right now. Many customers have booked the apartments in Lavida Plus project, we hope you will also get the right decisions for yourself.

The location of Lavida Plus on the geomancy:

The geomancy is the extremely important factor when evaluating the position of the property of customers. Many people do not know and they are not interested in the geomancy, however, when selecting the project to invest, they are also dominated by these criteria for the decision. It can’t be denied that the more attractive the project is in terms of landscape geography, the more satisfied the customers and investors are.

Lavida District 7

Location of Lavida apartment building District 7

Lavida Plus is one of the projects which is highly appreciated in all apartments of District 7 in terms of the geomancy. Specifically, Lavida Plus owns 2 sides bordering the facade road and 2 left sides bordering the Rach Dia river to create the solid surface carrying the prosperity, the peace and the happiness for the family.

In addition, if reviewing on both of the criteria: “the first is location, the second is direction” and “near market, river, and road”…Lavida Plus is the project meeting the full needs.

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According to “the first is location, the second is direction”: the project owns the prominent location in the traffic system which is perfected and developed in the south of the city: the facade of Nguyen Van Linh Avenue and Nguyen Huu Tho street. The Lavida Plus also has the view of the river with the cool and fresh green park attracting and conquering any customer.

With “the first is near market”: Lavida Plus is located near a series of utilities and large commercial centers such as SC VivoCIty, Lotte Mart District 7, Coop Mart Phu My Hung, Parkson Paragon, Vietopia, The Cresent Mall… In addition, the construction is also near the traditional markets of Vietnamese.

With “the second is near the river”: Lavida Plus is located in the East of the Rach Chiec river, so the climate is very fresh with lush landscapes of the nature helping the mood of residents always feel comfortable and pleasant.

With “the third is near highway”: The location owns 2 facade roads of District 7 showed that Lavida Plus also owns the location of the important transportation. This is also the area of the southern city, the movement will become more simple and convenient.

The location of Lavida Plus and the convenient connective system:

The experts suppose that Lavida Plus has the potential at the increased price in the future. There are a series of super works, the categories of traffic and the expensive infrastructure, so when this system officially finalized, it will boost the value property of Lavida Plus with the ratio from 30%.

Lavida District 7

The system connects the neighborhood

We will share more information for the interested clients who have not yet had the opportunity come to the location of the project. Accordingly, Lavida Plus inherited the convenient connective system from all aspects such as transportation, utilities, and services:

– It takes 1 minute to walk to the Sc Vivo City commercial center because the SC Vivo City is opposite the Lavida Plus.

– Or 3 minutes by car to come to the RMIT University and add 5-7 minutes to connect to the Phu My Hung urban area, Lotte Mart supermarket and the administrative center of District 7.

-To go to the Tam Duc, Phap Viet, FV hospital, you just take 15 minutes.

– It takes 15 minutes to move to the Ben Thanh market, District 1, District 2…

Almost all of areas can easily connect with Lavida Plus only from 5-20 minutes. This is a great advantage for the clients, if choosing the life in Lavida Plus to go to work or school in many areas of the district in the city, you won’t worry about problems such as travel time, traffic jam or flood…

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