The Combination Of Beautiful House Pipes

In terms of the narrow area of the city, the tube house seems to be a perfect choice. Let’s take a look at some nice tube houses to get ideas for your home.

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Tubular houses are small and long, no doors on either side (if any, only window layout) formed into a tube-like shape. In building high-rise buildings, especially in cities, Vietnamese are very fond of cheap pipes because they do not require much space, cost savings and construction time.

However, when referring to the tube house, we often associate the image of boring, monotonous, cramped and reluctant to choose this type of house. If you are thinking about that then try to refer to the tube house beautiful below!

Beautiful house pipes with unique facades

The façade is the whole face of the house, so when building, people pay great attention to the design of the facade. With the pipe house, facade area is usually quite small, how to make your house become impressive in the eyes of people?

This is a beautiful 3- story tube house impressed by the way the main door changes, bringing the new look and also no less convenient.

Beautiful house pipe model

The tube house is quite narrow, the first floor is designed as a business store, and the living space is located on the upper floors

Beautiful house pipe model

The main door of the house is designed with wood, looking through it looks like a rolling door, but when opened can form a sunshade, rain cover for the house

This design allows the lower floor of the home to look brighter and wider

The design of this beautiful tube house has a simple look with strong square lines. The combination of hot and cold colors makes the facade more enjoyable.

Beautiful house pipe model

The façade is simply impressed by the color scheme

The tubular façade, which is made up of interlocking cubes, is becoming a trend because it makes the simple tube house unique and superior.

In addition, the roofing tube is also very popular, not only in the beautiful three-story tube house design but also in the 4th-grade house, garden house or villa.

Beautiful house pipe model

An example of a roof house

Some limited remedies in the interior space of beautiful tube houses

The downside is that the living space is narrow, the amount of light entering the house is very weak because the sides can barely be designed windows (because the houses grow close together forming an adjacent street – This is the basic feature of the townhouse. Thus, designers have created some architectural styles for these beautiful tube houses that are always overflowing with light.

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Using the toughened glass to make walls and partitions between spaces is the most discussed solution today. Not only the house but the condominium also very fond of this material.

This is the space inside a tube house, thanks to the toughened glass system that has become a whole lot wider and brighter.

Beautiful house pipe model

The use of toughened glass makes the beautiful tube houses become more perfect

Beautiful house pipe model

Or a modern 3-story tube house thanks to toughened glass

In addition, in the tube house is also very well arranged in the sky. This is a radical solution to reduce the light of the townhouse. At the foot of the skylight, homeowners can also arrange small landscape, garden or fish tank extremely unique.

Beautiful house pipe model

Glowing sky brings beauty to the tube house

Beautiful house pipe model

Thanks to the wells you can grow “old trees” right in your house

With the tube house on this beautiful, whether you also think the tube house faded and boring or not?

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