The criteria required of a luxury apartment project

According to Circular No. 14/2018 / TT-BXD, high-end apartments must meet requirements on planning, architecture, technical infrastructure, social infrastructure, quality, condition of provision of management services in  a perfect level.

Luxury apartments should be of high quality

Quality is one of the most important criteria for evaluating whether a project is high-end apartments or not. Premium quality is indispensable for a high-end apartment project. It is like the bones of the building. Building materials must be the best at the time. The equipment of the high-end apartment project must ensure maximum safety for the user and environmentally friendly. To ensure the perfect quality for high-end apartment projects, the construction team must have the most advanced and modern technology and the most professional management and supervision team.

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Luxury apartments should be of high quality

Geographic location of project

Besides good quality, geographic location is also an important element to evaluate a high-end apartment project. The location of the high-end apartment project must be considered whether it is possible to connect with the traffic, the ability to connect with the facilities of nearby projects, the location of the project. The more convenient apartment projects connected to the central area, the more highly appreciated.

Design high-end apartments

Apartment design is also a standard you should consider when evaluating a high end apartment project. According to the law, the design of the luxury apartment must be from 70m2 to become full and ensure the full room including bedroom, living room, separate dining room, separate kitchen area, Exposure area to ensure the look. In addition, the bedroom of the apartment must be 20sqm wide. In particular, need to evaluate the smart devices in the apartment. Utilities such as voice control, touch-sensitive phones, tablets, and wireless technology will be the criteria for assessing the lifestyle, comfort and modernity of high-rise apartments.

High-end apartments must have an area of ​​70sqm or more

High-end apartments must have an area of ​​70sqm or more

Internal facilities high-end

Internal facilities also provide value for high end apartment projects. The project must have stairs, lifts for moving, escape. Each service elevator is not too flat. Each luxury apartment will have an area of ​​at least 1 car. In addition to meeting the basic needs of elevator, parking, security, … luxury apartment project must have the community facilities such as shopping center, gym, yoga, where recreation for children. Other amenities such as spillway, hanging gardens, fountains are also contributing to increasing the level of luxury apartment projects.

Accompanying with local amenities also need to pay attention to the coverage of the green system in the apartment project. High-grade apartments must have appropriate density of green trees to create a fresh atmosphere for residents to relax. The density of construction and density of trees in the project of luxury apartments should be taken into account. The higher the level of the project, the lower the building density and the higher the density of green trees.

Quality of service management

Quality of service management is one of the important factors when distinguishing a high-end apartment and popular apartment. Luxury apartments will ensure the criteria of security, management services, operation of the building. Service charge, management of a luxury apartment is also better than the average apartment, other cheap because the quality always comes with the price.

Luxury apartment projects cost VND 30 million / sqm or more

Luxury apartment projects cost VND 30 million / sqm or more

High-end condominium projects will have higher prices than other projects. Typically, luxury apartment projects are priced at VND 30 million / sqm or more. Therefore, high-end apartments are usually reserved for high-income residents. People living in luxury apartments are often intellectuals, business people, officials … This factor is also one of the criteria for evaluating luxury apartments because the owner of the apartment project This has a similarity in caste values.

The above are the criteria for evaluating luxury apartment projects, if you are interested in information about Feng Shui apartment, choose direction home, please refer to the document below:

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