The Difficulties In Apartment Management When Conflicts Occur

Condominiums are new housing models recently introduced in Vietnam. Along with modern utilities that are suitable for many users, this model still has many points to improve. Especially among them are the inadequacies of condominium management when conflicts arise.

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The management of condominiums that are not well done will affect the lives of people. The following are gaps in the management of condominiums when disputes occur, causes and solutions.

Disputes in apartment buildings

When buying an apartment, the buyer needs to face many disputes. Apart from disputes over home ownership, other disputes related to the life of the people often occurring.

Disputed areas of common use

Many cases of disputes between people and the management of condominiums occur because of common use area. Often these things are less or less stated in the contract of purchase of an apartment. Taking advantage of that, major contractors force people to incur other charges or not use common areas.

Specifically, some condominiums today do not allow people to leave the car in the basement because they think this is their own area of the contractor. In the housing law, the general area is only stated in a general way that does not clearly lead to inadequacies in the condominium dispute.

Inadequate management of condominiums when conflicts arise

Disputes over the area of common use in condominiums

Disputes on cost categories

When you buy a condominium, you pay a utility fee every year: equipment, service personnel, energy costs, fuel, materials, and maintenance costs. In addition, there are other costs to ensure the operation of machines and equipment under common ownership, the cost of responsibility allowances for the building management and the subsidies for the operation of the governing board treatment

Although many types of fees have been paid, the management has to collect money for maintenance or repairs whenever the system encounters problems. This led to higher team expenses leading to the dispute.

On the other hand, many surveys on condominium management from residents show unhappiness. They argue that the management’s shortcomings and delays in the handling of condominium incidents affect the lives of many households.

Inadequate management of condominiums when conflicts arise

Disputes over condominium rents

Find out the causes of apartment disputes

At present, the situation of disputes in the apartment complex is increasingly complex. According to the survey, in Hanoi, over 30% of the apartment blocks are subject to disputes over the area of common use as well as the charges for apartment services. The causes of these disputes, as noted by us, include the following:

Housing law is not tight, loose in terms of sanctions that the Board of Management from then take advantage of legal loopholes crowded people. Specifically, the Law on Housing does not specify the area of common use as well as the price of taxes that cause a dispute.

Inadequate management of condominiums when conflicts arise

The loose law leads to apartment disputes

The management board of the apartment, in addition to the lack of management skills, delays and work responsibilities, also take advantage of the collection of service fees to benefit themselves.

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In addition, a subjective buyer of a condominium does not take into account the contractual terms of service or area of common use that are detrimental to itself.

Apartment dispute resolution solution

In order to ensure the well-being of people living in condominiums, departments, and especially the condominium board, there are solutions to solve and minimize disputes in general housing management. populate now.

First, investors and buyers of apartment complexes need to be more careful about sanctions as well as incorporate legal elements into apartment sales contracts. The introduction of ownership rights, as well as service fees into the contract, will reduce unnecessary disputes.

Inadequate management of condominiums when conflicts arise

To tighten the dispute over the management of condominiums

Secondly, the management of the apartment complex should be selected carefully. Managers have to be exemplary, minded, problem-solving… There is good management of new apartment building, a new life of people is improved and improved.

Inadequate management of condominiums when conflicts arise

Restructuring of apartment management is essential to minimize disputes

Although the dispute over the management of condominiums in our country has been facing many problems. However, with the further development and improvement of the Housing Law as well as structural change, the Board of Management expects these shortcomings to be resolved soon in the future.

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