The Disappearance Of Kenton Project In The Real Estate Market In Nha Be

Nha Be as well as District 7 did not have any positive changes after the crisis of the real estate market. Nha Be has the priority for all services and infrastructure.

How was Nha Be real estate property market a few years ago?

In the past, Nha Be was considered as an arid land area so as not to do business easily. However, after seeing the strengths of this land, many investors have decided to invest there. For the reason that many streets like Nguyen Huu Tho have been full of transportation causing the traffic jam for a long time, the real estate market in Nha Be has been postponed. Besides, the huge garbage dump of the city has been causing the serious environmental pollution. Thus, resident’s lives have been changed by the external factors.

Kenton Node Project

Kenton project plan of the real estate market after completion

The real estate market in Nha Be had felled rapidly because of many uncompleted investment projects. This was a “disaster”, so People’s Committee planned to build more 6-lane streets to reduce traffic jam status and more bridges to meet more transport demand. The environmental pollution has been improved significantly. Therefore, the real estate market has come back much stronger. Projects are continued carrying out quickly.

Why should the investors invest in real estate market in Nha Be?

Investors have been looking for ways to own a land there and hoped to make the great profit from this investment in the future. Received the opening investment from the People’s Committee of  Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Be has been more and more active. The real estate here has come back to develop after having been postponed for a long time.

Kenton Node Project

Investing in Nha Be is smart and right

Nha Be is not far from the center of the city but it is quite peaceful, different from other districts of the city. Around the junction of Nguyen Huu Tho and Nguyen Thi Thap Street, the business activities have been developing rapidly, so the apartment projects in District 7 have been active and motive more and more.

Kenton project had been uncompleted for 6 years

Kenton and some projects in Nha Be such as Sunriver and Florita have been built at the same time. The others have been completed and sold in the real estate market, but the Kenton still as the block of concrete and its materials have been worse and worse.

6 years ago was just a gray concrete block

Kenton project restarted in 2016. It is a complex project and attracts many investors and customers. Therefore, the investor of this project has put much more effort to complete it. Today, a large part has been completed and this project has been sold in the market, attracting many foreign investors.

Kenton project is not only the success of Tai Nguyen Ltd Company but also a peaceful place for people when living here.

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