The Expensive Location Is The Begining Of The “Trump Family” Classic Projects

The commonality of all the Trump projects is that they are located in the most expensive locations in the world. What really makes a difference in the style of real estate investment of Donald Trump.

“Always willing to pay high prices for a great piece of land”- Donald Trump’s strategy has shown its strength through classic projects: the Trump World Tower is located next to the UN headquarters; The Trump Tower at 5 Avenue, the heart of Manhattan, or the 40-block Trump Tower – the familiar address of American tycoons and elites.

Pan sand to find gold position

For example, with Trump Place, before a huge success, the project’s golden location was just a deserted area on the Hudson River (New York). Or before becoming one of the most famous buildings in the United States, Trump World tower is just a two-story office building across the street opposite the United Nations area. Old owners even decided to sell it to move their offices to a better location, closer to the New York City Mall.
Classical project carrying the "Trump Family"

Trump World Tower is one of the most luxurious buildings in the world and is rated 5 stars

In order to create the value of a real estate project, Donald Trump always starts by selecting potential plots, he is willing to spend millions of dollars on expensive positions because in real estate the position is always the value of the field, is a factor to ensure profitability and increase the value of any project.

Build a home worthy of the price

Willing to spend the good fortune on beautiful land, but to Donald Trump, location was never everything. Trump explains the position of the property is very important, but a great position is not enough to guarantee anything, it’s just the starting point for a good investment. Investors need to use their creativity and sharp vision to change the way they use their position.
Classical project carrying the "Trump Family"

While everyone sees a 20-storey building in an expensive location, Trump can see a 72-storey super-building with unmatched value

Inspired by Trump Tower and the “differentiation” strategy of US President Donald Trump, Sunshine Center (No. 16, Pham Hung Street, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi), was built at the center of the developing real estate triangle to become the most beautiful building in Hanoi capital.

Classical project carrying the "Trump Family"

Sunshine Center is the center of the old triangle of the old city, including the western area, the new center of Hanoi and West Lake West

The Sunshine Center is surrounded by large administrative offices, five-star office buildings, and a range of industry-leading facilities such as the Doan Thi Diem High School, Marie Curie, National University School, Hospital 198 – Ministry of Public Security, National Blood and Blood Transfusion Hospital, Cau Giay Park,…

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The position of the Sunshine Center makes a lot of people think of the story of Donald Trump, when he invested in Trump World Tower, this real estate billionaire was extremely satisfied when his tower is located next to the headquarters of the Union The United Nations, he knows that it is certain that governments will want to buy apartments for their senior officials in the area. This successful strategy has been applied by Donald Trump to Trump Tower, Manhattan.
Classical project carrying the "Trump Family"

Like the formula of a real estate investment genius Donald Trump: Choose a nice location, invest in building a work worthy of the selected location, Sunshine Center is developed with 100% exterior glass architecture. with gold lines inlaid, promising a beautiful architectural work is not dead corner

Classical project carrying the "Trump Family"

Aircraft racks, cloud pool, diamond showroom and super car, … Sunshine Center investors know how to raise the “expensive position” of the project

Understanding the flow of the market to capture the “wave of development”, enhancing the real estate by exploiting the position and creating different values, Sunshine Center has perfectly reproduced the investment story of Donald Trump and is gradually building a new empire for the elite.

According to the latest news from Sunshine Group, this is a golden time for both buyers and investors to benefit from the many attractive promotions. When signing Sunshine Center apartment sales contract, customers will be offered a package of management services from 3 to 5 years, the package of complete furniture up to 11000USD with iPhone. In particular, Sunshine Group’s profit commitment at Sunshine Center is considered one of the most attractive programs today when Sunshine Group is committed to renting Sunshine Center apartments for between 1100-1320 USD per month in around 3 years.
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