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The Failure Of Kenton Project – The Dither Of Real Estate Market In District 7

Kenton Node Project

Kenton project in District 7 belongs to real estate projects in District 7, which attracts many attentions of investors and has been built idea for a long time as well as new strategy.

With a lot of expectations as well as the support of experts and investors, Kenton has been built at the first step. However, it was postponed and declared bankrupt after a short time, which creates a great shock for many people.

Failure of Kenton project – What was the main cause?

The real estate market in District 7 is a huge market, well-known as a potential market in Vietnam. After the Kenton had been known in the market, anyone hoped this project successfully. However, this was postponed for a long time. What is the main cause?

Kenton Node Project
The Kenton Bankruptcy Project left a gray cement block

According to an investor of this project, because the property market at that time did not develop as well as many hope to this project and investors did not identify the solution for difficulties, many arguments happened without ending.

These are the difficulties that the project has happened during construction. In addition, this project had a disadvantage. The purchase of residential apartment is the most important thing, but this did not take care of it because of a great expense.

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Failure of Kenton project – How was the real estate market in District 7?

After the failure of Kenton project, the real estate market in District 7 was very confused. A lot of questions had been exchanged in that time by a lot of investors. Kenton project had created a huge shock for the market in the South of Vietnam. It can be said that it is an experience for all experts as well as investors to build the better projects in the future. It also expresses that the strategy is very important, so you should study carefully the market before deciding to invest in something in the real estate market.

Project Kenton Node District 7 in the future

Failure of Kenton project – A worthy experience

A valuable lesson for the fall of the Kenton project

A worthy experience for all people is that you should discover and find out the problems very carefully to avoid the serious mistakes. A careful plan with many solutions will get good results.

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