The First Resort Of LEED Green Standards On The Coast Of Quy Nhon

(Construction) – Environmentally friendly green architecture is one of the key elements of sustainable development. As a developer of resort real estate projects, FLC Group considers the construction of green resort facilities of international standard is a long-term orientation in the future.

The scarcity of green buildings

With the rapid urbanization and the changing climate, the green building movement has flourished in recent years in the world and Vietnam is not out of the trend.

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According to the definition of the Green Building Council of Vietnam (VGBC), green buildings are highly efficient in saving energy, saving water, using safe and sustainable materials, prevent effects of the built environment from human health and the natural environment.

Currently, there are many green building rating systems in use such as LEED, EDGE and Green Mark. In particular, LEED Green Building Council of America was born in 1995 is regarded as a system of green building evaluation criteria prestigious in accordance with the project towards the identification of international brands. LEED’s standard rating is divided into Certified, Silver, Gold and the highest is Platinum.

Condotel The Coast Hill

The Coastal Hill – FLC Quy Nhon is the first luxury resort project of LEED

In Vietnam, the tendency of green building is gradually widespread and developed in the field of real estate, especially apartment projects and resort projects. According to statistics, as of April 2017, only 60 green and sustainable green buildings have been certified, of which 19 have been certified by the LEED Green Building Council. This is relatively modest compared to other countries in the region such as Malaysia (125 works), Singapore (1,200 works).

LEED-certified green buildings in Vietnam are mainly office buildings, schools, shopping centers, factories and offices in Vietnam owned by foreign companies, apartment projects. In the area of condominiums, the Coastal Hill hotel project in the FLC Group’s FLC Quy Nhon is the first of its kind to meet the strictest green standards of LEED.

Develop green resort project

As a leading corporation in the field of resort real estate in Vietnam, FLC Group is always aiming to protect the environment for the sustainable development of its projects.

In fact, with the land fund of 7,300 ha in the whole country, FLC Group has greened many unspoiled and barren land with 5-star resorts such as Sam Son FLC, Vinh Phuc FLC, Ha Long FLC, FLC Hai Phong, FLC Quy Nhon …

The Coastal Hill Quy Nhon

The Coastal Hill Quy Nhon is built towards environmental protection

Previously, FLC Group and the Vietnam Real Estate Association signed the Green Building Agreement in Vietnam in May 2017. Accordingly, the FLC Group pledges to promote and maximize the green criteria at the FLC’s works, thus contributing to the creation of a foundation for Vietnam’s green property market.

For resort real estate products, natural landscape destiny associated with the destiny of the project. Therefore, when developing the project, the FLC Group does not interfere with the current state of the landscape, minimize energy consumption, apply the most environmentally-friendly new technologies. For example, circulating irrigation technology at the golf courses of FLC Sam Son, FLC Quy Nhon or the project The Coastal Hill Quy Nhon hotel is built in accordance with the highest standards of America promises to create a standard. New to condotel in the Vietnamese vacation market.

The Coastal Hill – LEED Platinum Hotel

Located in the Quy Nhon FLC community, The Coastal Hill is the first resort in Vietnam to meet the seven highest LEED criteria from design to construction and operation management to increase the quality of buildings, protect the health of residents, protect the natural environment.

The Coastal Hill was designed by the architects of Baumschlager Eberle Architekten (BE), Austria’s leading designer, which is famous for developing the “green” concept. The classic “overwhelming natural temperature” concept in BE’s designs is used in The Coastal Hill project. Accordingly, 100% of the hotel’s apartments are directly exposed to natural light and air.

The Coastal Hill Quy Nhon

Relaxing tropical atmosphere at The Coastal Hill Quy Nhon

Originating from the idea of bringing a resort-like space between tropical forests, the project has low construction density of only 12.4%, the whole project is covered by more than 70% of the area. With the advantage of being located on the hill, The Coastal Hill was formed with the preservation of natural terrain, the trees are preserved intact to create the purest resort space. The buildings are connected together as a garden hanging Babylon winding with the poetic space of Quy Nhon beach.

The Coastal Hill uses innovative materials that are less environmentally-friendly, safe for travelers, adapting to global climate change. Designing the optimal building using renewable energy helps reduce the risk of power shortages and reduce climate change. The greenery is equipped with the circular irrigation system to save maximum fresh water.

Not far from the hotel, the FLC Zoo Safari Park owns more than 1,000 animals in the middle of a green pine forest. This is not only a wildlife sanctuary but also helps to balance the ecosystem, bringing new experiences to visitors when coming to Quy Nhon.

Located in Windy Bay, the most favorable location in the Quy Nhon FLC, The Coastal Hill is like the undulating waves of the sea with a length of approximately 1 km, including 1,500 rooms, is the largest hotel in Vietnam Male.

The Coastal Hill is also equipped with state-of-the-art amenities to enhance the quality of resort life for guests such as world-class golf courses, children’s play area, outdoor performance. The Coastal Hill’s most prominent feature in Vietnam is the one-kilometer infinity-edge swimming pool in front of the hotel offering artificial beach space for the entire 1,500 rooms. In particular, The Coastal Hill’s pool will replace conventional cleaning chemicals with non-polluting micro-organisms and ensure user safety.

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