The First Time You Buy Land And Special Notes You Need To Know

Please ask a professional broker. They say that they only buy houses from their owners to avoid losing brokerage fees. This is true for experienced people, however, with first time homebuyers likely to be in trouble.

First, you will not understand the area around the house you are going to buy, you may not know price negotiations, do not know good or bad home analysis … If not confident in this sale you Ask a reputable broker, they will advise you and give you the best advice.

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Once you have selected the right home, ask the seller to see the property certificate. The land must have a Red Book and it is your job to verify that the book is false or true. Quick view is that the text of this book must be clear, color harmony not blurring, especially the seals sink clear and sharp. If you are unsure, you can ask a person with extensive experience to assist in this process and may need to bring it to the district’s Natural Resources and Environmental Division to check the information.

Note the third thing we want to emphasize for the home buyer is the deposit problem. Usually in the transaction of land, the buyer deposits about 10% of the value of the house, after notarizing finished payment of the rest, the seller handed over the papers. When depositing a deposit contract and witnesses are also required. The best witnesses are not related to both the buyer and the seller. And especially to limit the deposit, sale in foreign currency because the purchase may be invalidated, causing damage to the parties.

buy land and special notes you need to know

sale in foreign currency because the purchase may be invalidated, causing damage to the parties.

Finally, to the Notary Public. This is an extremely important step in any home purchase. Prior to making a land use right transfer agreement, the Notary Office will review the legality of the property for the last time.

After notarization, the payment should be made at the bank, should not be paid in other locations. The best way is the buyer to make money in the account when buying and selling the two sides to the bank and the buyer transfer to the seller.Do not take counting time, not afraid of counterfeit money and not in danger of bringing large amounts of money going on the road.

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You should also remember, do not pay 100% of the money, keep about 5-10% until you get a new land ownership certification. The reason is that in the process of making the land ownership certification will arise a lot of paper problems need to be resolved by the seller. If the seller is late or does not cooperate, the process of making new books will be long and time-consuming.

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