The Giang Vo B6 project was upgraded to a 24 storey building

People’s Committee of Hanoi has just issued Decision No. 7093 / QD-UBND amending some contents of the project to renovate the B6 building of Giang Vo, raising the height of the 24-storey building, 3 basements, 342 apartments.

Adjustment of the height of the 24-storey building

According to the decision, the scale of the project, the area of ​​land use, according to the adjusted master plan has been approved by the Department of Planning and Architecture of Hanoi with Document No. 3048 / QHKT-TMB (KHTH) 5/2017.

The Giang Vo B6 was upgraded to a 24 storey building with 342 flats

The Giang Vo B6 was upgraded to a 24 storey building with 342 flats

Specifically, the research area is about 3,015m2; Land area for project is about 2,726.2m2; construction area of ​​about 1,800m2; the density of land plot is about 59.7%; total floor area of ​​construction (excluding tunnels, tumors) about 43,200 m2; height of 24 floors; basement 3 floors; 342 apartments.

As for the plan to sell the products, the investor of the 36 – Ministry of Defense has the responsibility to reserve 102 apartments for resettlement and is allowed to sell 240 apartments for commercial purposes. Investors can trade the commercial area at the 1st + 2nd floor of the block.

The project has a total investment capital of nearly VND932 billion . The progress of the project, the investment preparation stage till the end of the third quarter of 2017, the investment execution period from the third quarter 2017 to the end of the first quarter 2019 and the period of investment completion, used from quarter II / 2019.

It is known that the project of resettlement and office leasing Giang Giang B6 is the project to dismantle the old apartment degraded to renovate the new construction brings hope to larger housing for about 100 households with more 500 people here.

The project is divided into 2 blocks including 19 floors of resettlement and 22 floors of office building. However, gold project B6 Giang Vo has three times changed owners and 10 years “stamping in place.”

Project history 3 times “changed hands”

Giang Giang B6 project started in 2004 and the company was assigned to be Hanoi Construction Investment and Trade Development Joint Stock Company (formerly known as Hanoi-ICT Joint Stock Company) or ICT. However, in 2007, ICT lacked the capacity to deploy and more than 100 former B6 Giang Vo apartment-owning units have sought investors for the 36th Corporation (TCT 36).

the project B6 Giang Vo returned to the Corporation 36

After many changes, the project B6 Giang Vo returned to the Corporation 36

After being assigned as an investor, TCT 36 signed a joint venture contract with Mefrimex Company with the content of TCT 36 responsible for construction of the whole project. Mefrimex is in charge of arranging funding for the project.

Corporation 36 has fulfilled its contractual obligations, and Mefrimex will pay VND36 billion to TCT 36. However, since 2011, Mefrimex has not paid the full amount to TCT 36 in accordance with its commitment. Therefore, TCT 36 has stopped implementing the project in 2012.

By December 2013, the People’s Committee of Hanoi has decided to allow TCT 36 to transfer the entire project B6 to Mefrimex. Under this decision, Mefrimex will be responsible for continuing the project.

In January 2014, the two parties signed a project transfer contract valued at 192 billion. However, after the transfer, Mefrimex did not pay the Corporation 36. Currently, the debt after The total amount of VND 259 billion was paid by the two parties together with debt and interest as of December 24, 2014 of VND 68 billion.

Meanwhile, the total value of the contracts has been issued by TCT 36 value added invoices. Mefrimex has received invoices and tax returns as regulated, deducting value added tax.

On 17/4/2015, Mefrimex Company has document 36 / CV-MFM would not continue to implement the project. On June 11, 2015, the People’s Committee of Hanoi Decision No. 8018 / QD-UBND terminated the assignment of the project investor renovation and rebuilding the old apartment B6 Giang Vo for Mefrimex. The city agrees with GDT 36’s proposal to continue implementing the B6 Giang Vo project.

At the same time, TCT requirements 36 urgently focus resources, accelerate the progress of the project, ensure compliance with the law to complete the project, handover of houses to households in December / 2017.

In addition, the City People’s Committee asked Mefrimex to immediately provide the temporary housing allowance to B6 households until the end of June 2015. After this time, TCT 36 is responsible for payment.

Regarding disputes between economic contractor 36 and the company Mefrimex agreed by two units or proposed to the Court at all levels for consideration and settlement, but not to affect the progress of the project.

Thus, after many changes, the project B6 Giang Vo back to his former master.

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