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The Government Does Not Issue Red Books At Works Irregularities

No red book of infringing works

Ho Chi Minh City will suspend the allocation of land and issue certificates of land use rights, ownership of houses and other assets associated with land at the address of projects that violate construction order.

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The HCM City People’s Committee has instructed functional agencies to intensively coordinate inspection and timely solve problems in the course of performing official duties and resolutely handle cases of violation.

The competent agencies shall not consider the granting of business registration certificates at addresses of violating construction order to individuals or organizations, if they have not yet ceased their acts of violation. the decision on the handling of administrative violations and the implementation of remedial measures.

No red book of infringing works
If the owner has not yet corrected the mistake, residents will not be issued red books

Ho Chi Minh City Department of Natural Resources and Environment consider suspending the land allocation, land lease and granting of land use right certificates, ownership of houses and other assets attached to land at the addresses of works in violation of order construct.

The notary office also does not certify the transaction, the transfer of construction works are not appropriate status, the work has not completed the completion of construction procedures, construction violations or construction The violations have not been terminated, the decisions on the handling of administrative violations have not been complied with and the consequences have not been overcome.

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District People’s Committees should direct the people’s committees of wards and townships to issue decisions to suspend the construction of violating works. At the same time, to monitor the execution of the units being handled and issue decisions on forcible dismantlement of works when receiving the dossiers transferred by the Chief Inspector of the Construction Department of Ho Chi Minh City.

Continuing to support the field inspection teams on the land fund, house funds, material facilities to arrange working offices to meet the requirements of work, ensuring the completion of assigned tasks.

HCMC Police should direct the ban on the transport of supplies and labor and temporarily suspend the registration of temporary and permanent residence for individuals and households at construction sites without construction permits and forced to dismantle the entire work violated …

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