The government is going to amend a series of regulations on land and housing

The Prime Minister has promulgated a list of documents to promulgate, amend, supplement the provisions of law relating to land, construction, housing, investment and business under the jurisdiction of the Government, the Prime Minister and the Minister.

Accordingly, the Prime Minister assigns the department to direct, coordinate to draft 28 decrees belonging to 4 fields: land; construction; environmental protection; investment, business; amend and supplement 2 Decisions of the Prime Minister in the field of housing; amend and supplement 22 circulars of the Ministry in 3 fields: land; construction; business; investment.

The Prime Minister requests the ministers, the heads of the ministerial-level agencies to directly chair, prioritize and arrange enough human resources and funds to study and draft documents, ensure quality and schedule for submission to the Government, Prime Minister or promulgate under its competence according to the provisions of the Law on Promulgation of Legal Documents.

The agencies taken over the drafting shall closely coordinate with the Ministry of Justice and the Government Office in working out drafting plans, appraising, examining, submitting each document in the list; assigning tasks, regularly urge and clarify responsibilities of each agency, unit and the heads of office assigned to prepare and submit documents; publicizing the job contents, progress, names of specialists monitoring and in charge, retailed results of each stage.

Ii is not allowed to extend the time limit of submitting, withdrawing documents. In special cases, ministers, the heads of the ministerial-level agencies are responsible to prepare the report, explanation to submit to the Prime Minister for consideration and making decision.

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The Ministry of Justice, the Office of the Government assigns staff to draft, review monitor from the beginning, continuously during the process of building and submit for promulgation, prioritize and speed up the appraisal and verification progress of documents.

In the course of drafting the document, if arising any difficulties, the drafting agencies shall actively coordinate with the Ministry of Justice, the Government Office and related agencies to settle or promptly report to Prime Minister for advice or Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the field.

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