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The Government Will Impose Heavy Fines The Song Project

The Song Project

In the morning of January 11, 2017, the newspapers questioned the seriousness of the project.

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This project is invested by Viet Tien Tourism Urban Development JSC (Khue My Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City). The project is licensed by Da Nang Department of Construction No. 1270 / GPXD on August 10th.

Answering questions, Mr. Huynh Cu (Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ngu Hanh Son district) said that this project was suspended in writing, but then the investor still continues to be built, so continue to make records. only construction. But then people are still wrong. Through inspection, the investor continues to build despite. District fined VND100 million, the investor paid a fine.

According to Mr. Cu, after 60 days if the investor does not proceed to dismantle the violation, the county will enforce. Ngu Hanh Son district has set up a team to oversee the project, including the Ward Police, the Urban Rules Division of the district and the ward.

The Song Project
The Song project has been fined for repeated violations

“The ward police were on the road forbidding transportation, workers working here. In the past, there was a violation of the law. The new law will not do that anymore. But if the construction continues, the means will be confiscated, “he said.

Vu Quang Hung, director of the Danang Department of Construction, said that all of the violations must be made by specialized units. The wrong place where any encroachment of public space must be handled.

“Definitely get rid of, not considered flexible here. Any works within the boundaries of the planning will be reconsidered. I propose to find the construction unit and supervision unit to be deterrent. This is new and the Department is serious, “Hung said.

Danang People’s Committee Chairman Huynh Duc Tho also said that to do the project must be serious. As a consequence, it is related to the issuance of land use right certificates. Inadequate legal works will not be issued books, then much bigger story.

“For example, the case of the hotel apartment Muong Thanh Son Tra deliberately violated and sold but now no papers handed to guests. The authorities need to deal with it from the beginning, do not let people build the breach of the boundaries, then very troublesome. Make the balcony stretch out a few inches, after the beating is no longer the house anymore. We recommend wards and districts to do right from the beginning “- said Tho.

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The Song project

Banner is set up under the name of Quang An Industrial Joint Stock Company 1. Afternoon January 11, Ho Chi Minh City law has contacted investors to find out the violations. However, the project guard said the company’s leaders were in Hanoi. According to our observation, this project seems to have changed owners when the employees were dressed in Quang An 1 Industrial Joint Stock Company, the car also printed the logo of the company.

In addition, a billboard was built outside with the projected image with information “Quang An Industrial Joint Stock Company 1. Quang An 1 – Da Nang resort” without the name of the investor was announced as Public Viet Viet Tourism Urban Development JSC. Quang An 1 is the investor of the subsidized bus system in Da Nang and owns hundreds of buses and coaches operating here.

The same day, PV tried to contact leaders of Quang An 1 over the phone but failed.

As reported, on January 10, Nguyen Thi Anh Thi (Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ngu Hanh Son district) has reported a serious offense of The Song project involving dozens of villas in the sea. this project. Ngu Hanh Son has repeatedly suspended construction as the investor continues to execute.

Known January 18, if the owner can not submit additional adjustment permissions for the wrong construction items, the authorities will carry out coercive, destroying items that have been wrongly constructed.

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