The Great Benefits Of Living In Vinhomes Quan Cang Riverside Apartments

Referring to the urban area of Vinhomes Central Park you will find this is a super product of real estate was built with huge capital of Vingroup Group. To meet the demand of living in classy apartments are many customers looking for. Vingroup continues to invest in the Vinhomes Quan Cang Riverside, which is on sale in September.

This is a giant magnet is creating a huge attraction in the real estate Ho Chi Minh City market in the near future.

Why Vinhomes Quan Cang Riverside has many customers, especially the elite, CEOs, managers of companies… and investors interested?

With the current macroeconomic situation, as well as continuous changes in the market, real estate prices will certainly increase rapidly in the future. Marking the flourishing return of the real estate world. So not only investors hunt for profit opportunities, but also buyers take down money to be able to own apartment or favorite house. As the demand for life is higher, owning a luxury apartment is not too difficult for everyone.

The building is built in the model of high-end serviced apartments, aiming to make profit-making investment.

This is a building built in the model of high-end serviced apartments aims to invest profitable rental.  Moreover, when you come to Quan Cang, you will be able to enjoy the magnificent view of the Landmark Plus, Central Park, the romantic Sai Gon river or the villas of Vinhomes Central Park…A synchronous living space, a modern architecture has brought impressive scenery and  comfortable life to the residents here.

So it is not hard to understand why Vinhomes Quan Cang Riverside apartment  always gets a lot of people to pay attention. Find out the great benefits of living in Vinhomes Quan Cang Riverside apartments.

Perfect and racy design of Vinhomes Quan Cang Riverside apartments.

Vingroup intends planned the Vinhomes Landmark Riverside apartment building Quan Cang complex into a modern and state-of-the-art building complex like the Landmark Plus, complete with surrounding functional areas including: Houses, villas, offices for rent to training schools, clinics, shopping centers, entertainment, play area or campus greenery, rivers, lakes…

Apartments only get 18% of the total area of Vinhomes Central Park. Vingroup has revived the golden land stretching along the Saigon River into a new paradise. The Quan Cang becomes a shopping, entertainment and movie….in the high-end commercial center system at Vinhomes Central Park.

Vinhomes Quan Cang Riverside is a paradise for all members of your family with all the facilities of spiritual care, health and education at an international standard. Vinhomes Quan Cang has international hospital Vinmec always has the best quality service committed to take care of your friends and family. The children of the residents will be admitted to the Vinschool International School, which is trained to expand international exchanges.

In addition, you can live in a green living space, fresh air, always receive direct light from the outside. All thanks to the large park, Saigon River is romantic and always ensures safety 24/24.

Vinhomes Quan Cang – a shopping paradise for entertainment, movies … in the central commercial center system at Vinhome Central Park

Quan Cang is located in a unique gold position in the center of Ho Chi Minh City

Vinhomes Quan Cang Riverside has a golden location on the Saigon River. Surely you will feel satisfied with this prime location, bringing great value even if you are not interested in the building’s architecture and its inside benefits. Vinhomes Landmark Riverside Apartment is located along the Saigon River, adjacent to the front of Vinhomes Golden River Ton Duc Thang Road.  It can be said that the position of Vinhomes Riverside Landmark Apartment has converged all three factors that any real estate project want to have is ” the most near urban, the second river and the third near highway”

From Vinhomes Quan Cang Riverside project, you can easily connect to Vinhomes Central Park apartments and villas by Vinhomes Golden River Road. If you want to go to the center of district 1, you can go through Ton Duc Thang Street very quickly, to Thu Thiem new urban area only by Thu Thiem 2 Bridge. The Vinhomes Landmark Riverside project is encompassed by an enormous Sai Gon River that is easy to build the docks. In addition, the project is also close to the Ben Thanh metro rail link to Suoi Tien.

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