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The High-end HCMC Real Estate Projects Will Hot

The high-end HCMC real estate projects will hot

Ho Chi Minh City real estate project is expected to be hot- high-end projects in early 2018.

Accordingly, the real estate market continues to develop and move into high-end projects. This trend is different from Hanoi because the land fund in Hanoi was not enough to deploy. Thus, in 2018, HCM will continue to develop high-end real estate projects and promises to be a great investment channel.

The status of the sale and transfer project will continue to develop strongly

According to the HCM City Real Estate Association, the situation of buying, selling and transferring projects will continue to develop strongly. And that’s partly due to the state’s management.

State management has made a more stable contribution to the real estate market

The real estate market is more stable and more regulated. This is due to the effective implementation of the resolution of the National Assembly and the pilot of bad debt. In addition, thanks to overseas remittances and foreign investment capital, the real estate market continued to grow well.

The high-end HCMC real estate projects will hot
The real estate market is stable due to the management and regulation of the state

There will be no bubble in 2018

It is predicted that bubbles or virtual ball of real estate projects in Ho Chi Minh City will be unlikely. This is also due to the effective intervention and management of the state.

In addition, investors are quite flexible and responsive when launching real estate projects. So bubbles are unlikely to happen in 2018.

Ho Chi Minh City real estate projects are urgently completed

In the last months of 2017, many real estate projects have been speeding up. That is the purpose of early delivery to guests before Lunar New Year. And most of the real estate projects in Ho Chi Minh City are in a convenient location, the utility is built diversified. So among the projects, customers are wondering what projects to choose

The high-end HCMC real estate projects will hot
Forecasts for 2018 HCMC property market will be feverish with high-end projects

Many high-end projects are interested customers

In recent years, the real estate market is booming with a high-end segment. However, the trend of real estate 2018 is moving into the popular segment. The reason is that in Hanoi the land fund for the construction of high-end projects did not qualify. But with the real estate market in HCM can still do.

~~>>See more information about the real estate law here: Vietnam real estate law

According to forecasts, early in 2018, many high-end projects will be launched. Thus, people can completely feel secure to buy a home without worrying about the project being stalled.

The high-end HCMC real estate projects will hot
Most real estate projects in Ho Chi Minh City are in a favorable position

The high-end segment is not SOLD more than the popular segment but still thrives. This is also the segment that many big investments in the popular segment. The demand for social housing varies, so every segment is needed. But until sometime it will be saturated and need a shift of investment.

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