The House Has Ground  Floor And A Floor – Architecture Is Not Outdated

A simple one-storied home is becoming a trend in densely populated cities. They meet the needs of many families and especially the cost of “pocket” construction.

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Suitable for the needs and budget of many young couples, small family, a simple 1-story house has become a trend in the current period.

Depending on the needs of users that the architects will help you own a 1 story ground floor beautiful, suitable for the needs, purposes and hobbies. Here are some simple one-story single-story home designs that we would like to recommend for your reference.

1 / Model 1 – a simple one story, ground floor

The front of the house is simple to save money but not forget the decorative elements in the right place to highlight the house. The front yard uses a canopy roof to make carports, gates and doors all use black iron material interwoven with white bars in harmony with the overall color scheme of the house.

One-storey house with a simple floor

The money is very simple, this trend is quite a lot of people selected because of the cost savings

2 / Model 2 – a beautiful one story, ground floor house

This is a simple one-story ground floor model with a terrace area for planting and drying clothes. When you choose this model, the cost has increased compared to sample 1 but in return, you will have a cool space for the outdoor party, for the tree clusters, flowers crowded to emit a scent of aroma.

One-storey house with a simple floor

The façade is dominated by brick tiles, and the door system is made of white painted iron with a beautiful appearance

3 / Model 3 – the house just beautiful simple

Compared with the style of classic neoclassical housing, this is a nice simple model, but compared to the two mentioned above, the third model is more cost-effective.

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One-storey house with a simple floor

The white color scheme of the door system is prominent in the background of the combination of 2 colors black and gray. Blocked blocks hit back, falling back to the wrong point inadvertently making the front of the house become different and unique

You can easily see the decorating, pressing the facade “expensive” than the two houses on the lot, there is also the area for sun lounged terrace and cool wind.

In the land market today, you can buy beautiful houses with a lot of different styles and quality. Just choose the right address, you do not need to worry too much, move in and start your new life only.

The simple one ground floor and one floor flat continue to be among the top choices among young families and financially single people in HCMC and some other populous cities. Before you start choosing to buy a home or build a home, it is advisable for you to plan for a specific address for advice. That way, you can own the beautiful street frontage and still save money.

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