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The House Price Of The Khang Dien Villa Binh Chanh

Khang Dien townhouse in Binh Chanh District

How is the selling price of Khanh Dien Binh Chanh? What are the price policy and incentives for the Khang Dien townhouses project in Binh Chanh district?

Please refer to the full price list of the Khang Dien Binh Chanh townhouses project, then find out about the elements of the project such as location, utility, interior architecture… Will the customer assess whether the quality of the project is really commensurate with the amount of money they will spend? With the wise investors, they can also see the potential profit from the project to make the best choices and invest in a business.

Find out about the price of the Khang Dien Binh Chanh townhouses project and when to open the project, as well as some of the related aspects of the sharing below … Surely you will have more useful information on the project, and know how to invest in specific cases.

Below is the basic information for interested clients:

Opening time for the sale of Khang Dien Binh Chanh townhouse project:

Khang Dien Binh Chanh Project is a prominent street house development in the South West of Ho Chi Minh City. This is a key project of Binh Chanh district, which is the first step in Khang Dien’s West-South planning, when it started to shift focus from Saigon East to this area, After the sale of BCCI 57.3% stake.

Khang Dien townhouse in Binh Chanh District
Perspective outside of Lien Ke Townhouse at Khang Dien Project in Binh Chanh District

Khang Dien has contributed to create a breeze to move new inhabitants of the city, and to contribute to promoting the real estate market in Binh Chanh becomes more crowded, Especially when there are many sources of leaked information, in the future, Binh Chanh will probably be developed into the inner city of Saigon.

With a total of 897 key products, including townhouses and villas, Khanh Dien Binh Chanh Project was developed on the land of the Southern City of Ho Chi Minh City, with a total area of 20 hectares (divided into 3 Compound zones), located on Trinh Quang Nghi Street, Phong Phu Commune, Binh Chanh District. It is expected that in April 2017, the project will officially commence and complete the project and hand over houses to customers in the first quarter of 2018.

During this period, the investor is still building the project in accordance with the set schedule, and expected in 10/2017 will now start selling officially, with two main product lines are the villa, Townhouses with 3 Block H, K, L.

Khang Dien townhouse in Binh Chanh District
At the end of September and early October, 1974 Khang Dien Group House Development Company officially opened sales Khang Dien Binh Chanh

Specifically, Block H will be open for sale 68 units, Block K 36 units and Block L 127 units. Units are sold in a variety of areas, types, and locations. With this open session, the investor expects to create a strong investment wave in the Southwest is quite quiet in the past.

Compared to the whole area, Khang Dien Binh Chanh townhouses project is considered as a key project of great scale and stature. While the market in Binh Chanh District in particular and Saigon South has not had many big projects, Khang Dien has brought a new model urban area of international standard for the area. This is really a bold step but calculated, weighed, showing the wisdom of investor Khang Dien.

Khang Dien’s land fund is increasingly exhausted, and Khang Dien has become the tycoon of the East Zone project, and Khang Dien’s move to another emerging clean land fund of the city is evident.

Price policy of Khang Dien Binh Chanh townhouse project:

According to the investor, the policy of selling townhouses and villas in the project will be in the range of:

  • $ 91.304 – $ 117.390 / house area of 5 x 16m
  • $ 130.434 – $ 147.826 / house of 6 x 18m
  • $ 165.217 – $ 186.956 / villa duplex area of 8 x 18m
  • $ 243.478 – $ 260.869 / duplex villa area of 10 x 20m
Khang Dien townhouse in Binh Chanh District
KHANG DIEN project in Binh Chanh district, promises to create a fever in the market Binh Chanh Ho Chi Minh in the first batch open sale

This is the expected basic price, which is assessed commensurate with the quality of the works. Even when compared with other projects in the same segment in Saigon, Khang Dien Binh Chanh townhouses project has a very friendly price.

Being the first “child” of Khang Dien investor in a new land, the quality and potential of this project will certainly be very attractive, because the capital of any work done by Khang Dien is always ranked in the prestigious category, with super-lucrative potential. You can refer to Khang Dien’s outstanding projects in the East Zone to make it easier to identify.

The investor has officially received a deposit of $ 2.173 / unit to hold a room and give priority to select products. Please contact us, you will be advised on the most appropriate investment in Khang Dien Binh Chanh townhouses project.

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