The House With An Area Of 23 Sqm  But It Is Still Fully Furnished Thanks To Smart Interior

A small apartment with an area of only 23 sqm, while a normal room for students also have at least 15m2, then we will have to arrange furniture like?

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Today, small, even ultra-small apartments are not uncommon, especially in big cities. Saying that to see an area of 23sqm is not the smallest level you can see in this modern society. But you can rest assured that the “hard to find wisdom”, small houses can also be beautiful interior decoration thanks to the intelligent arrangement of the designer. Let’s see how they do it in the article below of Vietnam Real Estate.

Compact interior style – perfect solution for small apartment

Why say this is the perfect solution for the small apartment? Because of its very little details, it saves space but still enough comfort. It is difficult if you ask for a classic or neo-classical apartment design while the size of the apartment is less than 25sqm.

The house is 23m2 fully furnished

Minimalist style is always preferred for small houses

The common structure of small houses is the addition of mezzanines to expand the living space without increasing the size of the premises nor the cost of building a two-story house. However, with the small apartment in this article, the layout will be a little more difficult when it does not have mezzanines. Therefore, the designer has to arrange the interior nicely and neatly.

The house is 23m2 fully furnished

It is a pity that this small apartment has no mezzanine

The thing is that although the area is very small, the apartment design still has a frontage area used as the front yard. There is a white wall with hanging hooks that help homeowners hang clothes, bags or helmets when they get home from work. The empty front yard can be used for very convenient use.

The house is 23m2 fully furnished

Part of the area is used as the front yard of the house

Baths and toilets are located right outside the front yard, behind the garage. The designer cleverly left a space at the entrance to the interior space. Under the floor is paved with dark colored tiles to help them stand out, eye-catching.

The house is 23m2 fully furnished

The toilet is on the left side, and the dark paved passage is on the right, just next to a wall decorated with golden yellow wood

In addition to the toilet door of the small apartment hang a “mirror picture” thanks to the combination of a system of 16 small round mirror, which helps to expand the space, while increasing natural light for small houses…

The house is 23m2 fully furnished

Nice mirrors outside the toilet door

The house is 23m2 fully furnished

And inside is a quite decent interior space

Right behind the toilet in the kitchen. Kitchen system, sink of beautiful interior designed in the form of I sticking to the wall. The rest of the space left is used to set up the dining table and the host’s reception.

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The house is 23m2 fully furnished

The whole scene of the neat kitchen of the small apartment, under the kitchen cabinet also has room for washing machines fit

The bed is at the end of the house, but thanks to the glass box right next to space are not dark, dark. When sleeping, the landlord can pull the drapes down to prevent dazzling. Around the bed, there is a footrest that can be used as a chair, coffee table. Bedside lamp or bookshelf, bed are small but multifunctional

The house is 23m2 fully furnished

Bed is small but multifunctional

This small apartment design is very suitable for students who go to work, single or married couples who have not yet had children. If you have more mezzanines, less than 23 sqm apartment can provide living space for 2 – 3 adults but still comfortable, spacious.

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