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The Infamous Project Of Boss Muong Thanh

boss Muong Thanh

Apart from fire prevention incidents, a number of projects of Muong Thanh Group have been violating the construction of overpass or not allowed.

The director of Hanoi Police said that the investigating agency is waiting for the Ministry of Public Security’s opinion to prosecute misdemeanors at the private enterprise No. 1 in Dien Bien province (under Muong Thanh Group), by Mr. Le Thanh Thuan as Chairman. The cause is that 12 projects that enterprises have deployed in the capital have signs of tax evasion, signs of violation of regulations on housing management.

Previously, the city leaders have repeatedly signed the documents sent to the inspector, the city police and related units for the comprehensive inspection of projects owned by private construction enterprise No. 1 Lai Chau as an investor, or investment cooperation business in the area of Hanoi.

The name of Dien Bien Private Enterprise No. 1 is associated with low-cost housing projects in 2012 when Dai Thanh apartment is sold at only $ 434 / sqm. Business owner is Mr. Le Thanh Thuan, owner of Muong Thanh Group, the largest private hotel chain in Vietnam.

After that, the company launched other projects with the price of just under $ 652 and attached to the “brand” of cheap houses. In fact, to buy an apartment, customers often have to bear the price difference from $ 86 – $ 217 / sqm, depending on the basis.

However, the projects invested by this unit have also experienced a series of incidents and are on the inspection list. One of the most serious incidents of this investor is the fire at CT4A building in Xa La urban area (Ha Dong, Hanoi) in late 2015.

boss Muong Thanh
CT4A building burns

The fire from the basement of the building CT4A then spread along the wirings, boxes to the upper floors. At least three people with asphyxiation were rushed to emergency rooms, three firefighters were exhausted and fainted after rescuing the victims, Along with that, dozens of motorcycles were completely damaged, another 375 motorbikes burned in part and many other property losses.

CT4A Building is one of three buildings located in the 34 stories of Xa La urban area with 2 basements with a total area of 4,600 sqm. However, the fire in the basement of CT4A building was not the first incident in the project of this unit.

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Previously, HH4A Apartment Linh Dam and CT5 Xa La also fire technical area of the floor. From 2013, 2014, also in Xa La, CT5 and CT6 court occurred fire, explosion substation. And similar incidents have recently occurred at the HH Trade House Complex (Linh Dam).

Regarding the fire incident at CT4 Xa La, the head of the Hanoi Fire Prevention and Fighting Police said that the owner ignored fire protection requirements even though the project had been in operation for many years.

The Fire Prevention and Fighting Police Department has issued a sanctioning decision against the investor due to four faults in the building including: putting the house and the building into operation when it has not been tested for fire; do not organize the implementation of the recommendations of the fire prevention and fighting agency; Installation is not properly designed fire protection has been approved; do not submit the dossier for fire prevention and control when changing the construction permit (leaving the commercial center to be converted into an apartment for sale).

Of which, at the Dai Thanh – Cau To new urban area, Thanh Tri district, when the fire control force checked, the basement, water pump angle has not built fire walls according to regulations.

The representative of the investor at the time explained that this unit is in the process of supplementing and overcoming the requirements of the fire department in the projects. However, in the list of fire prevention projects in Hanoi just announced a few days ago still includes 13 projects of private enterprises No. 1 Dien Bien.

One of the most common violations of this investor is the overflowing, unlicensed building. Inspectorate has concluded projects such as Dai Thanh, VP5 Linh Dam, Kim Van Kim Lu … second to third-storey building over the rules.

The construction of the overflow floor makes these projects the number of residents living far higher than the approval. Kim Van Kim Lu urban area in Dai Kim Ward, Hoang Mai district, has a complex of 4 buildings with 39 to 45 floors, each with 24 apartments.

According to the decision from 2014, this area consists of low-rise buildings with a total population of over 10,500. Actually, the apartment complex of Lai Chau private construction enterprise No.1 has more than 11,000 people living, leading to the overload of utility infrastructure, parking lots.

boss Muong Thanh
Many projects of Muong Thanh Group in Hanoi are designed to build up the floor compared to approval.

At the project of cheap commercial house named HH of this investor in Linh Dam urban area (Hoang Liet Ward, Hoang Mai district) includes 12 high buildings from 36 to 41 floors also occur similar situation.

This is also the largest low-cost housing complex of this investor, until the present. The building complex is also superior to other tenement properties around ten to twenty stories.

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Hanoi city leaders have said that the project serious violations of the construction permit is not allowed, the construction height is too high, construction in the area not allowed to build such as the planning location strip of trees, failure to meet fire protection standards.

The infrastructure is not quality assured, while a large number of residents make the utility of these projects overwhelmed. The shortage of water in summer is common in Dai Thanh apartment, VP3 Linh Dam … for many years has caused residents more than once to stretch the banner to put pressure on the owner.

However, in reality, the construction of overpasses not only occurred in the housing projects, but a series of hotels of Muong Thanh Group in many other provinces and cities such as Khanh Hoa, Buon Me Thuot, Thanh Hoa, Quang Ninh … also similar to the local sanctions repeatedly or suspended construction.

One of the latest projects in Hanoi is being implemented by the private enterprise No.1 of Dien Bien province, namely Thanh Ha Cienco 5 (Ha Dong), after the acquisition of Cienco5 Land Development Joint Stock Company (Cienco5 Land).

The deal is also cluttered when some Cienco 5 leaders think there are signs of losing state capital and offer to stop the transfer. The sales activity of this investor was later “hissed whistling” when the police officer requested to stop capital mobilization due to signs of breaking the law.

Answer VnExpress information about the police is conducting the prosecution of misdemeanors at private enterprises No. 1 in Dien Bien province, a leader of Muong Thanh Group said that he cannot speak at this time.

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The Infamous Project Of Boss Muong Thanh

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