The Infinity Pool – The “Special” Luxury Of the Project

For a long time, the luxury and elegance of many contemporary architectures associated with the existence of green swimming pools provide a clear, refreshing feeling to the residents and users of the building.

In particular, the infinity pool accent is considered as a unique initiative in the design and construction of the swimming pool category and is still the “expensive” option for many investors in the world.

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Infinity pool of the project

(From left to top): Jade Mountain (St. Lucia) infinity pool; Paradise Pool Paradise (Bali, Indonesia) and Skypark Basin, Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)

Infinity Pool is large full-flowing water filled up the tank that creates the feel of an endless and always overflowing. In particular, the infinity pool is often designed on high floors of the building, with extensive landscaped views, providing a truly fantastic swimming experience.

Infinity pool, honor class of works

There is no denying the fact that many pools and swimming pool items have made a name for a whole building.  Typically, Marina Bay Sands (Singapore), with the world’s largest infinity pool on the roof terrace, the Paradise Pool (Maldives) swimming pool stretches to the beach, the Mahal Hotel pool (Turkey) as a mirror in the sky or “water wonders” can be found at Ubud Hanging Gardens (Bali, Indonesia) or Holiday Inn Shanghai (Shanghai, China)

Infinity pool of the project

Perspective swimming pool infinity D ‘. Le Roi Soleil

Not only is the place to have fun, relaxation, and relaxation, close to nature, infinity pool also offers the opportunity to experience the highest level of service. Serving the guests who enjoy swimming or sunbathing around the pool area is a bar system, full of passionate cocktails and spectacular showcases of skilled bartenders. In particular, some operators have attempted to bring the swimming experience to a whole new level, with exciting water and light shows and the night music vibrant all day and night.

In Viet Nam, guests who are passionate about exploring and experiencing can look for infinity pool spaces at international hotel chains, 5-star hotels, the most notable one is A la Carte Hotel (Da Nang). However, to put this unique item into a high-end tower, it is rare for investors to be “bold” like Tan Hoang Minh Group. Recently, the press spent a lot of ink to write about the French Architecture Masterpiece on the West Lake, D ‘. Le Roi Soleil – Quang An, a “fever” works not only in the real estate market in the country.

D’. Le Roi Soleil infinity pool – brilliant blue diamond

Owning a prime location on the one hand facing the Red River, on the three sides of the West Lake, from the early days of development, the D’.Le Roi Soleil – Quang An has attracted the attention of the market as well as the investors of real estate caliber. Construction area of over 4000sqm, the complex consists of two towers of 25 stories and a separate 8-storey service tower, fully meeting the needs of trade, entertainment, convalescence for not only building residents.

Infinity pool of the project

Perspective swimming pool infinity D ‘. Le Roi Soleil

In particular, this is also a rare project to break through in the remarkable utility details, including 6-storey tunnel system applying modern construction and operation technology, garden spaces, bar -cafe is full of relaxation and the highlight is infinity pool on the roof of the service tower, contributing to optimizing the living experience for residents.

Arranged logically, in harmony with the overall perspective design, D’.Le Roi Soleil infinity pool is a luxury diamond with a large opening towards West Lake and adds lively details, green trees, bars that are both romantic and modern. Utilizing state-of-the-art water treatment technology, hygienic and safe for users, the pool is always filled with blue water in the peninsula. Immerse yourself in the cool water, the inhabitants will certainly be more “penetrating” than ever before the value of the invitation: “Living in the West Lake is living in D’.Le Roi Soleil! “

To help customers have more opportunities to own D’.Le Roi Soleil apartments. Tan Hoang Minh Group has introduced many attractive incentive policies. Specifically, from September 1, 2017, to September 9, 2017, customers pay 15% will receive the transfer of the apartment; discounted 5% of the value of the flat for the delivery of the rough; pledged to lease for 3 years, the amount of up to 2,5 billion for the apartment handed over complete.

In addition, customers with advance payment of 95% of the contract value (including VAT) within 15 days from the signing date will be discounted cash flow of 9% / year for the amount of money math early than the schedule.

The program for the first 30 customers to order apartments tills 19/9/2017.

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